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An Achievement System is a system where players are rewarded achievement points for doing MMORPG activities like exploring a new area, hunting, reaching certain goals. In our server we have A LOT of achievements for you to accomplish with awesome rewards and cool unique Costume Hats.  

Achivement Window

Access Achievement

  • Achievement or press CTRL + A
  • There are 7 categories in Achievement.
    • Summery = sums up your stats.
    • General = Unique achievements.
    • Big Hunt = Monster hunting achievements.
    • Event = WIP
    • Quest = WIP
    • Ducklings = Find all Ducklings.
    • Ranking = Shows your Achievement level.
  • Since there are ALOT of achievements, in this page will only display the achievements with Item Rewards.

General Achivements

Achievement Rewards

Reach level 99 as 1st job.


Big Hunt

  • Hunting Monsters


Where are they? Rewards
  • There are 3 Ducklings in each town.
  • 1 duckling on each field.
  • 1 duckling on each dungeon.

Professor Quack


  • When completing  Achievements, you will receive Score.
  • The more score you have, you will level up the Achievement Ranking.
  • Ranking gives Titles and Costume Hat rewards.