Welcome to Ragna0!

Greetings, Adventurer!

Ragna0 is a free Ragnarok Online private server based off Gravity's Ragnarok Zero project.
We are a max level 120/70 Transcendent Job server with 5x5x3x up to 10x10x3x rates.
As a progressive server, we will work hard to deliver new content to pair up with the official server.
Our vision is also to provide a stable, less RNG and many QoLs to make your gaming experience at maximum.
If you'd like a brand new RO experience, then our server is guarantee of your taste!

Ask away your questions on our discord and then perhaps
giving us a go by register a new account, download and install the game!
Hope you see you in-game.

PS. Forget everything you know about RO, new start with Zero.
By: Hades

Server Announcements:
Updates [Official Lif] Patch Notes 1.2.. Jul 15, 2020
News [WoE] Guild Congress Jul 12, 2020
Updates [Official Lif] Patch Notes 1.1.. Jul 08, 2020
News [Recruitment] Support Jul 04, 2020
Updates [Official Lif] Patch Notes 1.0.. Jul 03, 2020
Events Comodo Opening Party Jul 01, 2020
Events Newbie Rewards + Daily Lottery Jun 27, 2020
Updates [Lif Beta] Patch Notes 0.5.2 Jun 27, 2020
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