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Update Log 2.2


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Update Log 2.2

A list of updates and changes, some adjustments and bug fixes.

Thank you for all the reports ❤️

Content Updates

  • Rebalanced Einbech Mine F3, Odin Past, Abyss F4 and Biolabs fever maps.
    • Mostly monster ATK and MATK reduced by half.
    • Increased material drop rates.
    • Attempt to make it worth farming based on feedbacks.
  • Battleground
    • Battle Shop in BG Lobby now sells Jelstar Bags.
  • Reseter NPC now offers Quest Skill service.
  • Maximus Tonic
    • Added 2 new sets of Maximums Tonics
    • Payon Forest weapons
    • Geffen Field fever orc weapons
    • Rebalanced the previous set, reduced the requirements.
    • See wiki for details.
  • Soft and Solid Egg Scrolls
  • Special Stylist
    • Now joins the Event section, no longer asks for Jelstar, instead you give him 5 Event Coins.

Job Rebalance

  • Kagerou/Oboro
    • Improved it's HP poll.
  • Clown/Gypsy
    • Dissonance and Ugly Dance can now be used on all maps. Deals 5 hits. Ugly dance is weaker than Dissonance.
    • Arrow Shower and Double Stafe and can now be used with Whip/Instrument.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fix in Thanatos Tower instance warping issue.
  • Fixed G Fly wing usable on fever maps.
  • Fixed @go on novice island.

Event Updates

  • Happy Royal Hunting
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First; my comment is specific to the issue i was defending;

Initially i want to thank for the opportunity to make suggestions and thanks for accept my initial request to change requeriment weapon requeriment...

But i dare to say;  I WILL NOT ABANDON my quest for a better class; C&G deserves more attention - it's the worst class ever in any role and must be revised...

The second part of my post got no responses, but im not surprisingly - Was generally known that no major changes would be made, but I would like to know if the request for skills correction will also be ignored or if it is planned for a future patch since there are several skills that are not working or are performing far below the expected average, an example of Moonlit Water Mill and Charming Will...

I apologize in advance for my eventual insistence.

Thanks again for your attention,

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