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Update Log 2.1


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Update Log 2.1

A list of updates and changes, nothing big, just some adjustments and bug fixes.

Thank you for all the reports ❤️

Content Updates

  • PvM Update
    • All MvP monsters will no longer change Target randomly.
    • It will focus on the 1 target that it first triggered it, until that target dies or runs away.
    • This update gives Tanker/2nd tanker more jobs.
    • This update gives melee jobs more confident to go close and just full DPS.
    • But still need to make sure to avoid AoE skills by the MvPs...
  • Enabled November attendance calender.
  • Added Status reset to Neuralizer.
  • Improved VIP Staff display of VIP time.
  • Improved Poison Crafting skill to make it have 500ms CD instead of 5000ms.
  • Removed Shadow Gears from our server.
  • Improved Thanatos Tower instance, allowing only Party leader to warp to next random room with members.
  • Battleground / GvG now has 90% all damage reduce config.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Sarah Memory instance daily quest not giving Jelstars.
  • Fixed Old Glastheim instance daily quest not giving Jelstar.
  • Fixed random option applier or refine boxes blocking enchanted/carded gears.
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