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Update Log 2.0


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Update Log 2.0

A list of updates and changes, this update includes Job rebalances, minor adjustments and bug fixes.

Thanks for all reports and feedbacks, also thank you for reading and helping Ragna0 grow!

If you have donated for VIP 3 month / 6 months / 12 months and wants to get compensated, contact me asap. The more days you spend, the lesser compensation.

Content Updates

  • Cash Shop
  • Jelstars improvements
    • Warrior Lock Boxes has chance too drop Jelstar.
    • Glorious Odin Temple instance treasure has chance to give between 1-10 Jelstar Bags
    • Faceworm Instance, Sarah Instance and Thanatos instance complete rewards added Jelstars.
    • Free pass of Citizen Pass gives Jelstars.
    • Lucky Roulette now gives Jelstars only.
  • Maximus Tonic
    • An unique feature for r0nians to get them perfect Random Options.
    • Start the introduction inside any Smithhouse, talk to the NPC that usually sells Phracons.
    • More detailed wiki page will be added later.
  • Improved Town Point
    • Now is a 1 minute point reward.
    • The indication is now a status icon on the side, instead of text spam.
    • Rebalanced the Town Shop item prices.
    • Switched out the Syrups to "free" version.
  • Styling Store November costumes
    • unknown.png
  • Expedition VI price reduce from 200k to 50k (restocked with 1000pc).
  • Reduced some materials needed to craft upgraded Expedition equipment.
  • Reduced instance Jello stone synthesis price from 50k to 10k.
  • Sarah Memory armor enchant 2nd enchant essence list lowered to only level 2 of trans jobs / ninja.
  • Destroyed Morocc field regular monster no longer drops Dimensional stones.
  • Improved equipment drop rate of Odin Relic and Dragon Treasures.
  • Reduced zeny needed to make Dragon Treasure from 200k to 50k.
  • Instance reset of green easy instances now costs only Zeny, and reduced zeny cost.
  • Old Glast Heim can now be reset.
  • Improved Expedition Enchant and Lighthaltzen Enchenter to allow selectable Job essence.
  • Halloween Event enabled.
  • Enabled Suggestions on forums for November, feel free to give reasonable suggestions.
    • Note: Don't try to make the server into high rate...
    • Note: If your suggestion gets denied for whatever the reasons, don't be a clown.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the GD monster drop rate.
  • Fixed missing spawn of Runaway Magic Book.
  • Minor bug in Morocc NPC dialog stuck.
  • Fixed minor wrong Expedition requirement in Exp 1.
  • Fixed a critical bug with Reduction was not applied correctly.
  • Fixed Diabolus ring with calamity weapon combo.
  • Added weight check for Union quest rewards.
  • Minor bug fix in 1 Alberta daily quest.

Job Rebalances

Main Goal is to create a more dynamic yet clear road for each Job.
With a mindset of following, this rebalance is far from perfect, but it's closer to the grand goal, leave feedbacks!

2 Defensive = Paladin & Champion
4 Supportive = High Priest, Whitesmith, Clown/Gypsy & Professor
7 Offensive = Lord Knight, Assassin Cross, Stalker, Sniper, Creator, High Wizard, Kagerou/Oboro. 

I will update wiki following days with the new formulas and more details!

Everyone has Endure effect.

  • Endure skill changed to give DEF +5*skill level and MDEF +3 * skill level.

Lord Knight

  • Bowling Bash ATK power from 40% to 30% per skill level.
  • Bowling Bash added extra stat catering with AGI * 2%.
  • Spiral Pierce now scales with DEX *3%
  • Pierce now Scales with DEX *2%
  • Pierce ATK power from 10% to 20% per skill level.
  • Brandish Spear now scales with DEX *1%
  • Brandish ATK power from 50% to 40% per skill level.


  • Holy Cross ATK power from 35 to 30 and 70 to 60 per skill level.
  • Holy Cross now scales with STR * 2% instead of VIT
  • Pressure now scales with INT * 1%
  • Providence is now self buff and increases resistance to all race enemies.

High Priest

  • Assumption skill gives +2% to +10% healing per skill level
  • Kyrie Eleison blocks 15 hits instead of 10 or up to 40% max hp instead of 30%.


  • Steel Body increases MaxHP + 2000 per skill level.
  • Steel Body cast time reduced to 1s variable and 1s fixed instead of 2.5 variable and 2.5 fixed.


  • Raid damage improved from 180% per skill level to 280%.
  • Raid AoE increased from 5x5 to 11x11
  • Backstap CRIT bonus increased from 200 to 300%
  • Backstap scales on LUK * 2%

Assassin Cross

  • Increased EDP effect from 80%+45*skill level to 100% + 70* skill level bonus.
  • EDP now affects Sonic Blow, EDP no longer affects Soul Destroyer and Venom Knife.
  • Sonic Blow damage decreased from 40% per skill level to -100% + 10% per skill level.
  • Sonic Blow now scales with AGI * 1% and DEX * 1%
  • Sonic Blow dmg bonus under 50% is now under 20% and boosts 20% instead of 50%.
  • Meteor Assault now scales INT *2 instead of STR
  • Meteor Assault damage is now 110% per skill level instead of 120%.
  • Meteor Assault is now 9x9 instead of 5x5 AoE.
  • Soul Destroyer now scales STR * 3 and INT * 3
  • Soul Destroyer skill power buffed from 60%+4% to 600% + 80% per skill level.

High Wizard

  • Lord of Vermillion increased damage to 10% per skill level.
  • Meteor Storm now scales INT * 3% instead of 2 and scales with DEX *2%
  • Meteor Storm damage from 25% to 50%
  • Soul Strike now scale with VIT * 2
  • Napalm Beat damage increased to 100% per skill level
  • Napalm Vulcan damage increased from 60% to 130+10% per skill level.
  • Napalm Vulcan now scales with VIT * 3% and DEX * 2%
  • Gravitational Field now scales with VIT / 2
  • Lord of Vemillion scales with INT / 2


  • Bolt skills additional scales with DEX * 1%
  • Heaven's Drive now scales INT * 3% instead of 2%
  • Heaven's Drive damage improved to 100% * skill level


  • Shockwave Trap max level drains all SP at max level.
  • Sharpshooting damage boost by 100% per skill level.
  • Sharpshooting now scales by LUK * 2%
  • True Sight damage bonus increased by 2% per level to 20% per level.
  • Blitz Beat improved scale dex * 8 and agi * 4


  • Musical Strike/Throw Arrow damage increased to 120% per skill level.
  • Arrow Vulcan damage increased to 30% per skill level.
  • Apple of Idun recovery rate improved from 2% per skill level to 3%.
  • Service for You SP consumtion reduce additional 5%


  • Homunculus HP and SP growth number increased alot.
    • Applies only to new Homunculus.
  • Homunculus Base stats boosted by 10.
    • Applies only to new Homunculus.
  • Added Twilight 3 skills in skill tree.


  • Power Thrust bonus on party member buffed to 30,40,50%


  • Kunai Explosion improved the DEX scaling from /4 to /2.
  • Kunai Splash improved damage  to 50% per skill level.
  • Swirling Petal now lands 5 real hits.
  • Swirling Petal scale with AGI improved from 1% to 2%.
  • Cross Slash improved damage to 300% per skill level.
  • Shadow Warrior now increases ATK / MATK additionally by 50.
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