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[Patch Notes] 2.1.1.R


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Patch note 2.1.1.R starts here 



Changes and additions:

  • Tickets and some items.
    • Stat/Skill reset and decard discount tickets are now account bound instead of character bound.
    • Added clocktower mid gear ingredients with the 'buying store' flag so it can be listed in the buying store.
  • Lighthalzen
    • Conqueror Gear Enchants now limited to the best ones. (no lv1 job essences etc.)
    • Buffed Warrior's Lockbox reward on LHZ DQs.
  • WoE
    • Cyr (Rachel Castle) will be enabled.
      • Schedule: Saturdays, 14:00 - 15:00 Server Time (9PM-10PM GMT+7).
      • Will be replacing Andlangr as the available castle for Saturdays.
      • All God Equipments and all MVP cards are disabled on Rachel castles (if there will be another open).
      • To the guild who holds of Andlangr, please reach me out for compensation.
        • Compensation offer will expire a week from when this is posted.
        • If no one would reach out, compensation would be forfeited.
  • Cash Shop
    • Fixed Mystic Egg 6.
  • Drop rate buffs
  • Battlegrounds
    • Added more useful items to the BG shop.
      • Increase Agi Scroll Box
      • Blessing Scroll Box
      • Aspersio Scroll Box
      • Fire Bottle
      • Acid Bottle
      • Kafra Card Box
      • OCA
    • Chemical Bag now requires 35x Agit Coin instead of 2x Guild Medals.
  • Events
    • Guild/Solo/Returning Package started: (placeholder for forum link) 
      • Enchanter for these rental armors implemented in Prontera (near Adventurer's inn).
    • Sakura Festival Event ended.
    • Server Migration Promotion has ended.
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