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[Patch Notes] Hotfix Skill bugs 2.0.1.R

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  • Kunai Splash element is now based on Kunai element.
  • Storm Gust freeze mechanism updated to zero version.
  • Fixed Ensemble skill fatigue debuff was not triggering.
  • Cart Termination can now be reflected by reflect related skills (shield reflect).
  • Fixed Flip Tatami mechanism to zero version.
  • Updated after Asura Strike SP regen timer to 3 seconds.
  • Fixed Magnus Exorcism missing elemental bonus for Undead/Undead Element
  • Removed Zen after cast delay.
  • Updated Bowling bash knock back cell to 2 cells.
  • Fixed the Repair skill making player DC.
  • Rebalanced the EDP (buff a bit) and SD damage.
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