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[Patch Notes] 2.0.0.R

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Patch note 2.0.0.R starts here 



  • WoE Refine box being consumed before it enchants a weapon fixed.
  • All Sarah Instance equipment typo on def fixed. (Wasn't really fixed just now, was fixed on a restart weeks ago)
  • 13492.pngAdvanced War Flamberge [1] can't be equipped fixed.
  • Arrow Shower 0.5 seconds cast time added per report.
  • 510010.pngFaceworm Queen's Leg L fixed equipped by other jobs.
  • EDP calculation
    • 1st wave of fix is now live.
    • Still under observation and further update to the calculation/formula will be done. (Thanks @Daegaladh!)

Changes and additions:

  • Thanatos - Part I (https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Thanatos_Tower) - in progress
    • Added: (placeholder for demonized/fated weapons)
    • Added: Zero Thanatos Tower Dungeon
      • You can basically teleport to any floor you want.
      • /navi hu_fild01 141/160
    • Added: Monsters found on Thanatos Tower Dungeon
      • Drops shards/fragments.
      • A little customized.
      • Old Thanatos mobs will drop them at a lower rate too.
    • Added: Daily Quests (info to follow)
    • 2nd part will be for the instance itself - still in progress.
  • WoE
    • 24 max members is on WoE maps retained.
      • But 1 alliance is now enabled.
      • This is to consider a tactical approach of adding more max members on the field, instead of taking out or increasing the cap.
  • Cash Shop
  • 972.pngKarvodailnirol drop rate increased again from poison spores.
  • Battlegrounds
    • Buffed rewards to Boss mode by a lot since it takes a long time to finish.
  • Still no winner on the "Guess the R" event. 
    • C'mon guys, y u no guess good?!
    • I AM INCREASING THE REWARD TO 20x 12258.pngMinato's Surprise Gift and will be ending the event once I see the correct word.
  • Seasons of Yggdrasil: S3
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