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kRO Zero 2021 Q2 Develop Notes


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Good morning.

Ragnarok Zero Adventurers, this is the Zero Team at RO1 Studio.

In the second quarter of 2021, we will give you an overview of what will be updated for Ragnarok Zero.

1.Base level limit extension: Lv.130> Lv.150

We will deliver the news that the level limit has been extended after a long time.

The limit that was previously Lv.130 has been expanded so that it can grow to Lv.150.

2. Reduction of experience required to achieve the base level: Lv.96 ~ Lv.130

So that you can quickly grow your character in time with the expansion of the level limit.

A patch that reduces the experience required to level up the Base Lv. 96 ~ 130 section will be made.

3. Arunafelz's capital city, Rachel village area update

A new area for Rachel Village will be added.

With the addition of hunting grounds such as the [Rachel Ice Cave] and [Rachel Temple Sanctuary] dungeons,

It will be designed to obtain higher experience or good equipment compared to the existing hunting grounds.

Only adventurers with Lv.130 or higher can enter the dungeon.




4. Infinite space improvement

The recently updated Infinite Space is mainly available to users who have reached the highest level.

It was designed with high-difficulty content, but except for the boss card that can be obtained with a very low probability

There was a suggestion from adventurers that the reward items were insufficient compared to other contents.

Therefore, after reviewing the proposal, our Zero Team

While improving the performance of reward items, we plan to supplement and modify some of the system.

5. Some job skill balance improvements

A patch that increases the skill effect of some jobs will be made.

In the Ragnarok Zero world, you can choose from many classes to play,

It has been confirmed that the choice of adventurers is a popular job, and the weight is largely concentrated.

When examining the cause of this, the skill effect of the unpopular job was significantly different from that of the popular job.

Our Zero Team decided to proceed with a skill improvement patch to compensate for this.

We will inform you of the job groups and skills that will be improved through a future update notice.

6. Original Episode 1 Part.1 Open

Ragnarok Zero's first original story episode 1 Part.1 is open.

After the update, when the character is created, it will start in the village of Payyon, and Keias from the original Ragnarok,

It is scheduled to proceed in the form of a linked quest while meeting welcome faces like Iris.

As the episode progresses, the next quest will tell you where to go through the navigation system.

Weapons and armor items useful for hunting monsters, and high experience points can be received as rewards.

Although the content of Part.1 is on the short side, new adventurers

I think it will help you to adapt and grow quickly in the world of Ragnarok.

Episode 1, consisting of three parts in total, will continue to visit adventurers through future updates.


7. Add SP confirmation information in the party window

When playing a party, SP information will be displayed in the party window UI so that you can check the SP as well as the HP of the party members.


<SP can be checked in the party window.>


So far, we have provided information on the updates for the second quarter of 2021.


The above contents are still under development and may change when updated.

For more information, please refer to the announcement on the official website when updating later.


Then we will see you through the next developer note.


Thank you.


Source: https://roz.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=2703&curpage=1

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