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[Patch Notes] 1.2.1.R

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Patch note 1.2.1.R starts here 



  • Fixed 2229.pngHelm [1] dropping again from Bloody Knights due to Ygg season 2.
  • Fixed 25633.pngWoE Violet Potion item usage map restriction.
  • Fixed drop of 13498.pngMagic Nagan [1] from LK Seyren to Ygnizem lhz_dun02 boss.
  • Added Combat Knife to Sniper Cecil as drop with its respective random opts.

Changes and additions:

  • Poring Hard Mode.
    • Royal Guards are not boss protocol anymore.
    • Fixed boss protocol for the 3 main monsters.
  • OGH
    • Buffed Coagulated Spells/Temporal Crystal drops by a 'bit'
  • LIMITED Cash shop additions.
  • Battlegrounds
    • some major fixes.
      • please try it out and tell me if it's fixed or not.
    • adjusted all BG supply prices for the better.
      • give me feedback on this one.
  • Vote Shop
    • changed item ids for the boxed enriched.
      • description is still wrong, will fix.
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