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[Patch Notes] 1.2.0.R

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Patch note 1.2.0.R starts here 



  • I see dead people.
    • no more lingering dead bodies of monsters on your screen when dead.
    • exclusively fixed by @Daegaladh, and we're the only server that doesn't have this bug. (yay!)
  • Achievement Ranking is now also fixed. (thanks again @Daegaladh!)
  • Fixed minor bugs on BG.
  • Fixed 19268.pngGiant Snake Breath and 480040.pngKageboro's Faceworm Shell combo effect.
  • Porings on Poring Hard Mode are no longer Boss Protocol, so MVP tracker is now 'maybe' fixed.
  • Conqueror Gears fixed job requirement.
    • should be worn by just transcendent classes only.
  • Professor essence fixed.
  • 19392.pngMemory of Lovers and 32216.pngVesper Gear 02 [1] combo effect fixed.
  • 1466.pngCrescent Scythe critical effect fixed.
  • Fixed exit points to instances that has DWM identifiers.
    • OGH exit fixed came with this.
  • Zelstar count check on costume zelstar machine fixed.

Changes and additions:

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