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Happy Easter r0nians!


Repeatable Quests:


Task: Kill 10 Happy Eggs.

*Monsters can be found on all fields and dungeons.

Reward: 5x 25294.pngClover Ticket



Task: Kill 10 Clover Lunatics and give 3x Happy Three Leaf Clover

*Monsters can be found on all fields and dungeons, Clover Lunatics will also drop these Leaf Clovers.

Reward: 5x 25294.pngClover Ticket



Task: Talk to 2 NPCs, bring him 1 Almond and 1 Chocolate.

  • /navi izlude 164/148
  • /navi prontera 268/156

Reward: 5x 25294.pngClover Ticket



Task: Accompany 1 of the 4 pet around 4 locations. (Use/Click the navigation on the dialogue for easier completion)

Reward: 5x 25294.pngClover Ticket


Happy Easter Vending Machine:

Needs 1 Clover Ticket for a random roll.


Items that can be obtained:

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