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Patch note 1.0.0.R starts here [will now indicated with an "R" at the end of the patch number]



Leveling and progression changes:

  • Exp rate is now changed to x20/x20.
    • This includes exp gained from quests.
    • 12312.pngThick Battle Manual effects are now disabled.
      • You can exchange your remaining stock via the NPC inside eden. (where you convert 10 BMs into 1 TBMs)
  • First Aid Box
    • 60x 25398.pngZero Group Coin are now given throughout all levels of our First Aid Box.
      • Will have 720x of coins on level 95 box.
      • Will be sufficient enough to have +7 Power Booster Set with Weapons and other newbie stuff.
      • 11614.pngFresh Milk and 11615.pngRaw Sweet Potatoes have their hp recovery buffed.
        • Will now have use on low to mid leveling.
      • 11518.pngBlue Potion (Novice Blue Potion) effect changed, will now heal for more.
      • 27066.pngYggdrasil's Essence now also buffed, specially at higher levels.
        • From 2% hp/sp recovery, to 5% hp/sp recovery at levels 95 above.
  • Calendar Attendance
    • Minor changes to some items.
    • 27010.pngAngelic Egg Scroll drop rates for enriched ores improved to help newbies.
    • Nerfed those 'cute' costume headgear drop rate.
  • Expedition Gears
    • Zelstar and zeny cost for enchanting and resetting MD Expedition gears are greatly nerfed across the board.
  • Guild Dungeons
    • All mobs inside guild dungeons (except slaves) will now drop 27087.pngZelstar at 3%.
      • This is still experimental and might be changed without notice.
  • Old Memorial Dungeons.
    • Multipliers are greatly nerfed.
      • From: 
        Mob HP Mob Atk Mob Amt Boss HP Boss Atk Boss Def Boss Mdef Boss Hit Boss Flee
        1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
        2 3 2 2 2 1 1 2 1
        14 6 5 4 5 2 2 3 1
      • To:
        Mob HP Mob Atk Mob Amt Boss HP Boss Atk Boss Def Boss Mdef Boss Hit Boss Flee
        1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
        1 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 1
        2 1 3 2 2 1 1 2 1
        • This is done so that newbies can finish them easier.
        • Can still be adjusted if it still proves too much.
      • Sunken Ship MD
        • Waterball skill usage by Storm Drake nerfed by 90%.
        • NPC_AgiUp also taken out of the equation.
      • Izlude MD
        • Waterball skill usage by Coelacanth nerfed by 75%.
        • NPC_AgiUp also taken out of the equation.
      • Anthell MD
        • Dark Grand Cross level used by MD Maya nerfed by half (from level 10 to 5).
      • Culvert MD
        • Reflect Shield usage by MD GTB reduced by 50%.
      • Poring Hard Mode
        • Greatly nerfed every stat of all mobs inside (normal/mini bosses/final boss).
        • Skill levels and usage greatly nerfed.
        • Royal Guard summons of Great King Poring won't use any skill now.
        • For a comparison, HP of Great King Poring is now 400k HP (from 9m previously)
        • Drop of jello box nerfed by a little (from 2 pcs 30% drop, to 1 pc 30% and 1 pc 15% drop rate)
    • Lighthalzen
    • Hugel
      • Time gated 25273.pngHugel Token can now be hunted from Novus at 4.5% drop rate.
        • This is to ensure progression is NOT STOPPED and is gated by the daily quests found in Hugel.
        • This is to compliment the dailies, NOT REPLACE.
      • 23985.pngDragon's Treasure is now dropped generously among Abyss Lake monsters.
      • 23986.pngOdin's Relic and 25767.pngAngel's Dream is now also dropped generously from Odin Temple monsters. (also buffed drop rates from odin_past mobs.
      • Enchant cost of Hugel Headgears lowered from 50/25 tokens to 20/10 tokens respectively.
    • Einbroch
      • All drop rates for ores are now at 30%
        • This is to ensure mid progression is faster for weapons.
      • 9517.pngUndium is now also dropped by Metalings at 4.5% drop rate.
        • This is to ensure that newbies will have a chance to get Einbroch weapons other than the mobs inside the dungeon that has a huge amount of HP.
        • Breaking the cycle of 'you need average to high average gears to hunt for average to high average gears'.
      • Zeny cost of 9514.pngPhysical Modification Permit and 9529.pngMagical Modification Permit changed from 100k to 50k.
    • Regional Dungeons.
      • All drop rates for regional stones (Spirit stone, earth dragon stone, etc) buffed to 21% (from 9%).
    • Miscellaneous.
      • Moved Daily Lottery NPC and Guild Warehouse NPC to south prontera.
      • Moved Vote for Point Shop NPC near VIP House.
        • Reduced cost for Boarding Halter to 300 from 500.
      • Removed Thick BMs on the Newbie Gift NPC and replaced with normal battle manuals.
      • Compensation NPC now also gives x2 Battle Manuals instead of Thick.
        • Will think of better.
      • @autoloot and @alootid is now available for all players.
      • Adjustments on Zero Group Shop.
        • Removed
          • Infinite Fly Wing Box
          • Double Bell Box
        • Adjusted prices
          • Cash Shop items
          • White Potion Box
      • Adjustments on pricing on Zelstar Shop.
        • Minor increase/decrease.
        • Added Double Bell Box for 350 Zelstars.
      • Poison Spores spawn count increased to 150 (from 90) on mjolnir_06.
      • @arealoot display fixed.
    • VIP Changes
      • Daily items are changed.
      • Commands
        • @aloottype is added to the exclusive commands.
      • Yggdrasil Staff buff
        • 60 minutes free (from 30 minutes)
        • 120 minutes for 60k (from 60 minutes)
        • 240 minutes for 90k (from 120 minutes)
    • Streamer


Events and Seasons:

  • Easter Festival 2021



  • Seasons of Yggdrasil
    • Season I 
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