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Happy Chinese New Year and Sweets Festival

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Happy Chinese New Year and Sweets Festival

On Sunday 14th February is Chinese New Year.

As a Chinese, I want to share this eventful spring festival with everyone!

This year, it's the year of the Ox, we always say, it's the year of rebuilding and hard work to recover the disasters that the year of Rat has caused us.

Believe it or not, but year of the Rat, ALWAYS brought us disasters 😄

SO, now we say bye bye to the Rat and HELLO my Cow friend ~

Happy Chinese New Year!

During the Event period, the server will have increased 30% EXP Rate!



Event Details:

  • Sweets Festival a lovely valentines event.
  • Unique event quest to obtain a sweet sweet story with sweet sweet products.
  • Able to evolve a loyal Drops into Sweets Drop.
  • Obtain a lot of Sweets Festival Coins and participate in lottery to get unique costume hats!




Event ends in 2021.03.01

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