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Patch Notes 4.4.1

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Hello, my name Lai, owner of Ragna0 and thank you very much!

Very good update, very good server, muah!

Hope you like and enjoy!



  • Upgraded many shop interfaces to enhanced style, we are if not one of the only P.servers with this.
    • unknown.png
  • Jovovich Styling shop is back, now with three new hairstyles!
    • unknown.png


  • Biolab many mobs in Floor 2 and Floor 3 drop rate of Warrior's Lockbox increased.
    • This will encourage farmers to farm Warrior's Lockbox, due to the previous  LHZdaily quest reward update.
  • OGH Instance boss fight Reaper speed decreased.
  • Temporary removed MvP Ingrid's Axe Tornado skill.


  • Moved the Agit Coin shops to Battleground Lobby.
    • image.png.c18350d890bd3c6026dcfe3b4d531975.png
  • Removed the "zoom in" inside Battleground Lobby.
  • Adjusted the Agit Coin -> Guild Medal cost.
  • Added a lot of Effect Stones to Battleground Effect Stones Shop.
  • https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Battlegrounds

Cash Shop

  • Released new Effect Stones.
    • New release with temporary reduced cost until Faceworm Update.


PS. Currently no preview on the new released effect stones yet.

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