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Royal Hunting Competition

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Royal Hunting Competition

It's actually a fanboy club for the Royal family card collecting....

2021.01.05 to 2021.02.08

Event Guide

  • huntingguide.png.d87bfa3dbfd3185edab9970b8610ee61.png
  • Speak to Royal Hunting Guide when you are level 50+ to enter.

Competition Main Exam

  • Being your exam by speaking to Commander Nadezda.
    • commandernadezdaa.png.af7f15162ef6b872184e24f03c103d98.png
    • Follow her instructions and complete the 3 stage exams.

Royal family Cards

  • Bring cards to the desired Royal family to receive a special card.
  • royalfamily.png.a93db9bdc3681fdd5d6353a278b8d207.png

Royal Hunting ground access

  • You can access a special hunting ground with unique monster when you complete the exam.
    • teleportationdevice.png.a4d45dda0ea42f79308b4a8147202cca.png


  • Completing exam and daily event quests rewards you with EXP and 23533.pngRoses of Choice.
  • You can receive a 23535.pngPierced Apple hat with great bonus during the event period.

Royal Services

  • You can purchase event special equipment
  • You can get 3 unique and stackable buffs.
  • You can participate in Royal family card lottery.
    • haseo.png.165036f3507d66508d7c1db34fc5b4f4.png

List of New Items


Hope you enjoy having fun in this Royal hunting!



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