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Patch Notes (New Client)

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r0v3.exe is available on download page


Please download and re-install if you have this error:


Client Update

  • Today our client version is now updated to 2021 version.
  • Few highlights of the new client:
    • GIF Emblem
      • gifemblemkeke.gif.02f305a6bb352f3aac047fa508f52ad8.gif
    • 2 skill bars
      • image.png.c5526e951459a660c0dce5a8e2b6f8c0.png
    • Map name display
      • image.png.df5b0e889885dae4f5b91c340d785e10.png
    • Mailbox 2 new button features.
      • image.png.547c6299bb90bf085914053598519ddb.png
    • New drop pillar effects
      • image.png.b4f0e9260ca4ee6eabb23a9c92fffa7e.png
    • Custom Hom AI support
      • You can now customize AI_Sakray folder: AzzyAI.exe
    • Removed "Fade" black animation when teleport etc - custom improvement for smoother gaming.
    • Questlog CD filter to put all CD quests in there.
      • image.png.092d8cd25e1b0e70e22713c9c8caaa50.png
    • Unlimited Item ID support (its something for devs.)
  • Some client previous bug fixes:
    • CTRL + S = FPS drop fix.
    • Fixed zoom to now 50% (still better than official.)
    • Window size fix, you can down use lowest 640x480 size.
    • Client name display on Discord fix.
      • unknown.png

WIP new client feature

  • New Item Shop interfaces.
  • Inventory expansion
    • image.png.1c2783b8b0163c71e11c9e62dcc306e7.png
  • Useless Adventure Agency (haha, no one will use it, we have recruit.)
    • image.png.ca2e69f45d4a43a2029f7ffd96651a08.png

Server Side

  • Snowflake Festival event is end.
  • Lighthaltzen dailies now gives a few Warrior Boxes (same amount as official.)
  • Added Zelstar drop to MvP/Fever Bosses.
  • Fixed missing random options for monster drops.


I might have missed a few new features...but in general the new client is more compatible with modern PC and graphic cards, enjoy! ❤️ 

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