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Patch Notes 4.4.0

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  • Skip Tutorial added.
    • You can choose to skip tutorial and get instant 1st job chance + Level 10 and sent to Zero Academy directly without tutorial quests.
  • Zero Group updates
  • New Website
    • Emperium break script added.
    • WoE On/off script added.
    • Guild Castle and GvG kill ranking added.
    • All PvP map kill count ladder script added.


  • Fixed Hyegun Pet bonus.
  • Added missing Ayothaya champ monster zelstar drop.
  • Fixed Old Glastheim instance Reaper effect.
  • Fixed Musical Strike and Throw Arrow counting INT bonus.
  • Fixed Attendenance.
  • Fixed cash buff items being dispellable. 


  • Removed Azura item remover npc.
    • You can sell char bound items to NPCs now.


  • Steel Weapons are now level 1 instead of 50.
  • Ice Pick rebalanced for PvP/BG/WoE maps, now has chance to trigger the  bonus for 10 seconds when doing melee physical attack.
  • Improved drop of Odin's Relic and Dragon's Treasure for regular mobs in those regions.
    • this was done due to booster gear nerf, so odin and dragon gears are now more accessible
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