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New things to come!

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Hello r0nians,

Happy New Year to everyone! 2020 was a wild ride, a lot has happened globally, and it felt like our server is a lot older than it is due our ups and downs last year, one thing is for sure though, when something is down, it can only go UP FROM THERE. New things will come for this year to our beloved server.


New ideology going forward:

  • This comes after @Hades  taking a back seat to @Lai spear heading things, from the ideology "we only do things the zero way", to "we can put our own things to zero to make it better".
  • Who knows? We can have our customized instances (think Halloween instance, but tailored for end game players, not newbies) specifically designed for high end/end game content!
  • Embracing LOW RATE, things may have been a lot easier on the first 3-4 months of the server, making our low rate server be a "low rate server having mid rate features", now, we will definitely embrace our identity of being a low rate.
  • We may have retconned our "we hate RMT" mentality into "alright, zeny RMT is allowed", but DO NOT BE MISTAKEN, we still hate BOTS, there are NO CONFIRMED BOTS in ours (like some other server we know....), and will continue like this until the end of our beloved earth.



  • This is now a priority after our backend rA update has been completed by @Daegaladh (Thanks Daeg! 🥰)
  • Adding our very own BG mod would spice things up a bit for our PvP players out there.
  • BG shop including 'BG-only-materials' for skills, and many exclusive BG items!
  • A 'MOBA + WOE' like experience inside your beloved RO.


Endless Tower:

  • Comes from the new ideology from above and as a counterpart from the BG PvE side of things, like BG, ET doesn't exist on official kRO Zero, we will be customizing this challenge to fit for high averaged to high end geared players. 
  • Naght Seiger will NOT be the boss up top.
  • Exclusive ET currency will come for this (still on planning whether or not it's needed).


Official and custom content:

  • We will be continuing to deliver official Zero Content on timely basis.
    • Ayothaya (released from last patch)
      • leveling spot for 80+
      • new regional weapons + headgear
      • Lady Tanee on the loose!
      • released earlier than expected since this is NOT an end game content and makes no sense if we release after destroyed morroc
    • Zero version of Faceworm Nest Instance (will be released some time between now and the last week of February)
      • new instance exclusive gears for high end builds
    • Zero version of Sarah's Memory Instance (after 1-2 months max sometime after the release of the previous major update)
      • new instance exclusive gears to mix and match for your specific builds
    • Zero version of Thanatos Tower (after 1-2 months max sometime after the release of the previous major update)
      • revisit and battle Thanatos, the hero who sealed Satan Morroc
      • new instance exclusive gears to mix and match for your specific builds
    • Future instances to be filled out later on a separate post.
  • Events
    • Continues rollout of official kRO:Zero events that has happened/is happening currently
    • Customized events tailored for specific time of the year.
    • Another newbie event incoming.
      • Royal Hunting Party (stay tuned!)
      • will coincide with the next wave of advertisements
    • GM initiated events
      • I myself will also initiate events by my own in the next few days/weeks
      • Just waiting for the commands to be implemented on my account
  • Some features revamped
    • DWM will be revamped into something, this was delayed due to a function that was needed on our rA update
    • Tutorial phase Zero Group will be more enhanced
    • Future stuff/ideas will be put here or another post entirely



  • Armed with almost 10+ years of experience in advertisements in servers, @Lai will get advertisements out as soon as we are finished on our current tasks at hand and is confident in releasing the next wave of advertisements.
  • Armed with almost 10+ years of experience? You sure?
    • As you might know, Lai is the current owner of the long standing server LimitRO, it won't be standing until now if he has yet to know some secrets in advertisements, of what WORKS and WHAT WOULDN'T right?


For those who are still believing in us, the staff, I SINCERELY THANK YOU, things will come!

For those who were disappointed, I AM DEEPLY APOLOGIZING for the disappointments that you may have experienced, but as I said above, when something is down, it can only go up from there. I ALSO THANK YOU, THAT AT SOME POINT, YOU BELIEVED IN US, I only wish that you give us a second look or even a third/fourth look once things are good enough for you.


LET'S ALL WISH THAT 2021 IS A BETTER YEAR THAN 2020, AND NOT A 2020 Remastered Edition. Cheers everyone!


On behalf of your r0 staff,

Minato Namikaze

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