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[Official Ragna0] Patch Notes 4.3.0

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 Official Patch log for Ragna0 4.3.0 starts here




Official Content:

  • Ayothaya - Regional Map
    • Dungeons, City, Regional Gears, and monsters are fully implemented.
    • Official Zero Daily quests for this city.
    • Leaf Cat pet related items added.
    • Good for 80+ leveling.
    • Wiki coming tomorrow.


  • Item fixes/additions
  • Skills
    • NPC_Granddarkness mob skill fixed.
    • Bowling bash/Brandish Spear fixed.
    • Fixed bolt skills, Storm Gust and Heaven's Drive damage.
    • Fixed Soul Destroyer and Cart Termination not ignoring Cicada.
    • Fixed Holy Cross VIT bonus without an equipped spear.
    • Fixed ASPD bonus for Two-Hand Quicken, Spear Quicken, and Adrenaline Rush to match kRO Zero.
    • Fixed Venom Splasher damage.
    • Fixed Pressure not reducing holy resistance.
  • NPCs/Quests
    • Fixed attendance system.
    • Temporarily disabled Stylist UI NPC.
    • Fixed @go command.
    • Some update with the battleground scripts. (rA update - not the custom BG yet)
    • Fixed mob respawn on Zero Group leveling spot.
    • Added temporary costume exchange NPC since UI is disabled.
    • Fixed 2nd job change quests.
    • Changed Eden Champ Mob and turn in exp quests/rewards equal with official.
    • Fixed issue of not being able to purchase items from union shop.
  • Instances
    • Fixed Poring Instance Barricade bug.
    • Anti DC for instances fixed.
    • Minor fixes on OGH and Odin's Past instances.
    • OGH
      • Amdarais casting of EQ fixed.
      • 3 mini bosses instead of 2 as official.
      • Mini bosses now drops coag and crystal with higher rate.
      • Bosses drops adjust to match official - with current research.
      • Fixed 'white effect' and fixed party death announcement.
    • Fixed Suspicious Shipwreck Eden Quest Instance.
    • Hard mode rebalanced.
      • Mob HP multiplier decreased from x40 to x28.
      • Mob Boss HP Multiplier decreased from x10 to x6.
      • All others are untouched so they're still deadly but easier to be killed.
        • Goal is to provide smoother difficulty for 4-6 PT members in mind.
      • Minato's Note: please provide feedback for this and DM me personally on discord. Thank you!
  • Maps
    • Ayothaya maps.
      • City
      • Dungeon
      • Fields


Official Patch log for Ragna0 4.3.0 ends here


Pending stuff and things to come : (NO ETA)

  • aura quest for max level still cooking (questionable)
  • *censored* blessings (note: not BSB) (No ETA)
  • Next major content: 
    • Custom BG
    • Faceworm

Next minor event/content:

  •  "New year?"


  • None known yet.

Current active event:



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