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[Official Lif] Patch Notes 4.0.0

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 Official Patch log for Ragna0 4.0.0 starts here




Official Content:

  • Old Glast Heim
    • Full implementation of instance found in Glast Heim.
    • Gears included in this patch fully implemented. 
    • Enchants for their respective equipment are fully implemented. 
    • For more details read: https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Old_Glast_Heim
  • Old Glast Heim release 1 week Event.
    • During the first week, the instance will be without Amdarais's Grim Reaper effect.
    • Take this chance to enjoy the a little easier instance on the first week.



Official Patch log for Ragna0 4.0.0 ends here


rA Sync : (Soon™)

Pending stuff and things to come : (NO ETA)

  • aura quest for max level still cooking (questionable)
  • *censored* blessings (note: not BSB) (No ETA)
  • world boss mechanics/explanation (No ETA)
  • additional items on vote for points (will come after further improvement on voting system)
  • Next major content: ????

Next minor event/content:

  •  "Xmas"


  • Maya being spawned twice when the last geyser's clicked twice. ( fix is now on RTS )
  • Acid Demonstration on GvG map not doing official damage (rA update would fix this, hang on tight!)

Current active event:


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