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Talking with the Community Part 1

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Hello guys! Im here to offer you guys some "official statements" on our end, and share with you guys a litle of what i can share today!

As i speak with you guys today, i want to once again tell you guys that rA sync is ALMOST done, we still dont have a solid ETA to share, as it involves a litle bit too many variables than we would like at this moment.
However, tests are running internally and showing great promise!
With that out of the way, i would like to tell you what we think and how we are planning to move forward!
Our server has been stable for the past 2 weeks, with no major incidents, and we are still delivering our very first "end game experience" to speak of sorts! OGH will come with some sweet sweet loots, and we wont be fiddling with its rewards like we did in the past, what you're gonna have will mirror official behavior 99.9%!
When rA sync hits, we will be able to update to the newest client, which will bring a lot of QoL to all our players!
Not to speak we will be able to "unfreeze" some skill changes and bug fixes that were lingering around for more time than we would like to!
Not only that, but we will also be able to customize BG's even more, making the game modes more enjoyable, and on top of that we are also planning a total revamp/overhaul of the rewards, stay tuned...
As for WoE, we can't estimate a time frame yet aswell, but we will be putting our season 1 to an end soon, and with that, we will bring godly rental items into the table, to sweeten up the pot of rewards a bit, and hopefully get more people/guilds interested on it...


Now that I've said all of this, i would like to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, when i took up the challenge to manage this community, and be involved 110% with this project i had little idea how much joy it would bring me to see it grow and blossom, we had ups and downs along that road, and as things are right now, we have a pretty good loyal playerbase, if we consider how "new" our server is, and how unique each of our features is. So for that, I have to thank you all, without you, we wouldn't have made it this far, we wouldn't strive to improve so much as we do... Thanks for sticking with us and trusting in us, and we hope we can continue to deliver the Zero experience to your liking and keep growing each passing day...

Kind Regards
r0 Staff Team.

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new client will have public party search feature?
i know is a spoiler that you probably want to keep.

I hope comes real soon, and not Soon™. Some love on PvP content sounds good.
Only BG can save us all.

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