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Halloween is here...

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Halloween is here... 👻

Trick or Trick?


Hororon and his buddies are seeking help from level 50 + adventurers in the living world....Jack is missing!

Take part in the search for Jack and explore 3 Halloween tasks and their dailies.


Bloody Mansion

A Ragna0 exclusive Halloween instance for you to challenge.... it's quite scary...


Event NPCs

Sleeping Coffin is the main character of this event.


Halloween Mobs

  • On almost every dungeon and fields, you will meet Garling and Runaway Jacks.
  • Defeat them might give you nice treats!
  • e_garling.gif.ab1e9239df7c218527c00b8ad025a893.gif
  • jakk.gif.c554ee2b8e7a067b15ebdb2262c516a9.gif

Scatleton Pet

  • One of the halloween tasks will reward you an event exclusive Scatleton Pet!
  • scatleton.gif.e060001d65080fb99dc55b3818cd2b94.gif



Event Ends on 27th November.

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