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Autumn Festival

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Join the Season of Harvest!


This time of the year, across the world, it's harvest time. Thus we call it Autumn Festival or as many call a Thanksgiving.

No matter where you are right now, get in-game and collect your season special EXP costumes and those tasty Harvest Mooncakes.

Festival NPCs

Festival Quests

  • Begin your Festival journey by speaking to Rena in Alberta.
  • There are total 7 different event Dailies, you can repeat everyday for 25876.pngHarvest Lottery Ticket
  • One of the quests rewards you a 27490.pngTurkey Hat
  • eventautumnquests.png.c7e960aa73b210e8a88ce1ff549f2a81.png

Festival Monsters

  • Corrupted Trunks and Wild Boars wandering around on fields and dungeons.
    • They drop quest related items.


Ends in 27th October


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