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[Official Lif] Patch Notes 2.3.0

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Official Patch log for Lif 2.3.0 starts here


Official Content:

  • Preliminary work for Lighthalzen under way.
  • Niflheim Zero Quests added.


  • Item fixes/additions
  • Monsters
    • Fixed spawn for Contaminated Sting and Contaminated Gargoyle, won't require x number of mobs to spawn anymore.
    • Removed Thorns from gl_prison, severely weakened the Thorns existing in gl_prison1 but increased the quantity due to a recent discovery made that these are just there to annoy players and not to deter.
    • Added Sewer Thief Bug to gl_prison1 to mirror official.
    • Updated MVP exp for Bloody Knight.
  • Skills
    • Resurrection cooldown after-cast removed to mirror kro:z.
    • Gravitational Field ignoring Land Protector fixed.
    • Removed item requirements for Basilica.
    • Fixed damage calculation for Acid Demonstration to further mirror official behavior.
  • NPCs
    • Re-added Embryo NPC Alchemist Shop. (Was accidentally removed)
    • Fixed reset date for our monthly blacksmith/alchemist ranking reset to 1st day of the month. (Was at 2nd day due to the fix last month)
    • Fixed minor dialogue for Booster NPCs.
    • Improved Glast Heim Dailies exp rewards to mirror official. (increased by almost x8)
    • Clock Tower quest exp from NPC Serdin improved by about 25%.
    • Corrected Homunculus exp table to mirror kro:z.
    • Added pre-halloween event NPCs.
    • Removed 1.0 WoE Flags from mid pront.
    • Added LHZ Easter Egg NPCs around Prontera. See if you can make something out of it.
  • Maps
    • Added noloot mapflag to all job change maps.
    • Added nobranch mapflag to all guild dungeon maps.
  • Instances
    • Added official skill restrictions from instances. 
  • Cash Shop


Official Patch log for Lif 2.3.0 ends here


Pending stuff and things to come : (NO ETA)
       - aura quest for max level still cooking (questionable)
       - *censored* blessings (note: not BSB) (still WIP)
       - world boss mechanics/explanation (still WIP)
       - additional items on vote for points (will come after further improvement on voting system)
       - Transcendent quests will have its "official quest" on Base Level 130 patch
       - Full Lighthalzen content, items/mobs/quests/dungeon ETA at October/November at the earliest? (https://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=73&curpage=1)

Next minor event/content:
       - "

       • Random mob on Hard mode instances (excluding Poring Village) getting the multiplier of the boss. (Any more issues with this? No reports for atleast 3 weeks regarding this).

Current active event:




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