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Save the World

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 Save the World

Our world is in danger. The horrendous monsters are sneaking in from other dimension into our world.

Thanks to hero Bermund, who used his power to create a fictional dimension with Crystals to prevent the monsters to invade our cities.

Help Bermund, protect the crystals!

  • 4_M_BARMUND.gif

If the crystals breaks, it's all over for us.

  • Speak to Bahamut in Prontera and join the rescue recruit.
    • bahamut.png
  • Take the daily event mission
    • Hunt required amount of monsters in the other dimension.
    • Obtain 10 25376.pngCute Pet Coin as reward.
  • You can reset the daily event mission CD once per day using Zelstars.
  • Now it's a good time for you to obtain 25375.pngPowerful Soul Essence from Cute Pet Machine.


Ends 2020.10.01





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