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[Forum Event] Share the Knowledge

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Share The Knowledge!


Hello r0nians! As we approach our second month up and running, and as we move forward it is now time FOR YOU, to share what you learned with us and everyone else! We all know that Zero can be quite challenging for someone not familiar with the concept, and for that reason we want YOU to help US make it easier for everyone to understand! Be it a class guide, a farming guide, or even a guide on how to make a particular quest, we will be rewarding everyone that writes a good fancy guide on our forums! Not only that, but we will be handing down even better prizes to the most helpful guides you bring us. Participation is not restricted to anyone, but keep in mind that the guide has to be easy to understand, have a set target, and if it's not well written we will not be able to reward you for it! A single person can write multiple guides if they so desire, but we will only award one prize per person, writing multiple guides do increase your chances of writting the most helpful work!!!


How to participate

  • Make a written guide on our forums under the "Playing Guides" section, to share your wisdom with other players to help them grow used to our server and its mechanics and uniqueness.
  • Your guide needs to be well written, and easy to understand, feel free to make an advanced guide, however keep it simple for others to understand!
  • After that, share your guide with your friends and other players, so they can interact with you under the same post, so you can direct them towards being successfull on our server!
  • Don't forget to add your character name on your guide in order to get your rewards!

Guides we're looking to must contain(keep in mind the more info your guide has, the more cash points it will be worth):

  1.  Character basic info
  2.  Stats and why you choose them
  3.  Skill trees and how to use them
  4.  Equipments around different level range, zeny costs and budget options
  5.  Where to farm
  6.  Other general tips
  7.  Leveling spots


Event Period

  • The guide submissions will be considered a valid entry for this event as long as it brings new info and is not a copy from elsewhere
  • After an entry is submited, the staff will judge the entries based on a number of criteria, including, but not limited to: How clean it is, is it easy to understand? Does it contain precise information?
  • After the judging is done, the cash points awarded for it will be sent directly to your account!
  • If you previously wrote a guide and want it to participate, you can, reply to this post, with your character name and a link to your guide on this topic!


  • You can get up to 300 cash points, depending on how well your guide is written!
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