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[Official Lif] Patch Notes 2.2.0

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Official Patch log for Lif 2.2.0 starts here


Official Content:

  • None


  • Item fixes/additions
  • Monsters
    • Fixes to skills of Migao having Earth Spike lvl 1.
  • Skills
    • B.S. Sacramenti effect fixed. (Forum report)
    • Meltdown duration from levels 1-9 fixed with the correct values. (Forum report)
    • Fortune's Kiss critical damage bonus fixed. (RTS report)
    • Bowling Bash now more accurate, now hits 3x at minimum due to proven report. (Forum report)
    • Spiral Pierce cooldown fixed to 1 second due to proven report. (Forum report)
  • NPCs
    • Added warning dialogue to PVP NPC when entering.
    • Added zero version of Mixture NPC.
    • Removed 1st job quest NPCs as they aren't needed.
    • Fixed Airship getting lost on route (getting stuck).
    • Fixed a minor bug with Cobra NPC from a Yuno quest.
    • Updated Cooking quest to match current recipes.
    • Removed Genetics related NPC completely.
    • Improved skill quest guidance for Alchemist and Monk skills.
    • Added Mythril Corporation NPCs. (Some QoL stuff for 25430.pngMythril, for Stylist and Platinum Skills)
    • Fixed 7th Day of Newbie NPC.
    • Fixed Yuno daily quest Lava Collection quest not being able to be completed.
  • Maps
    • Additional fixes to some maps with walkable cells outside of map area.
  • Odin Instance
    • Completely removed Easy and Hard modes.
    • Difficulty will be based on "vanilla instance" but tweaked some things to make it a "little" difficult.
    • Generally above Normal difficulty but below Hard difficulty.
    • Rewards will be the same as Normal + Hard mode combined (still 12 chests).
  • Pets
    • Enabled Sohee as pet.
  • WoE 2.0
    • Added treasure chest drops from @mi 1938 1939 1940 1324 for 2.0 castles.
    • Tweaked drop rates a bit since 2.0 castles spawns 100% more chests than 1.0 castles.
    • Increased 25631.pngAgit Coin Pouch drop rate by a lot to compensate easier farming on PvE areas and BG.
  • Cash Shop


Official Patch log for Lif 2.2.0 ends here


Pending stuff and things to come : (NO ETA)
       - aura quest for max level still cooking (questionable)
       - *censored* blessings (note: not BSB) (still WIP)
       - world boss mechanics/explanation (still WIP)
       - additional items on vote for points (will come after further improvement on voting system)
       - Transcendent quests will have its "official quest" on Base Level 130 patch
       - Full Lighthalzen content, items/mobs/quests/dungeon ETA at December at the earliest? (https://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=73&curpage=1)

Next minor event/content:
       - "

       • Random mob on Hard mode instances (excluding Poring Village) getting the multiplier of the boss. (Any more issues with this? No reports for atleast 2 weeks regarding this).
       • Boss on Maya Instance is sometimes spawned double, @Stroheim will be checking again. Thanks!


Current active event:



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