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Ragna0 Promo Booster Event

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Booster Event

Hey r0nians!

Our Lif server has been running stable for almost 2 months. Thank you to all who has been supporting our server and as promised, my task is to always deliver good content to continue our journey of Ragna0 gaming experience.

I'm pleased to introduce our first promo event, the Booster!


  1. Create a new Novice to start a new journey.
  2. Speak to Promotional Staff and claim 27406.pngBooster Package(1)
    • promostaff.png
    • Note:
      • 1 Promo per account, make sure you decide which character to claim it.
      • All Promo related items are Character bound.

Event Period

  • The event begins after 2020.08.28 Patch
  • The event ends after 2020.10.02 Patch

Promo Content

Voucher Exchange

Promo Equipment

Booster Power re-purchase

  • If you break your Booster Power equipment while refining, do not worry, speak to Camel Man in Prontera and purchase a new one for 200.000 zeny!


See you in game!

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