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Patch Notes 2.1.5

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Guild Dungeons

  • Enabled Fly Wings and Creamy card inside PvP Mode guild dungeons.
  • Added new Guild Dungeon Manager (NoPvP)
    • He can warp you to NoPvP guild dungeon maps for 100k zeny.
  • NoPvP dungeon maps has only 1 type of monster.
    • Example Giant Hornet in Aldebaran (NoPvP) Guild Dungeon.


  • Bapho Jr can now be tamed as a pet.


  • Minor update of item list display of Lucky Machine.


  • Enabled the Odin instances record saving.
  • Final re-balance of Odin instances treasure rewards.


  • Einbroch Magic 2nd option types dropped by monster has decreased variable cast time option.
  • Valkyrian Armor, Shoes and Garment required job is All jobs except Novices.


  • Fixed Brandish spear missing targets on the same cell as caster.
  • Fixed Earthquake dealing lower damage on targets inside Quagmire.


  • Updated all battlegrounds with improved token rewards and level restriction of 100+
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