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DWM Quest rewards and Blacksmith Blessings

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So... the updated version of the DWM quests has been released and its been a little bit tweaked from the Beta stages, as you can check it here.

As it was stated before by Minato in his previous patch update, there is no Blacksmith Blessing available anymore.

We all know here that zero mechanics revolve all around having your gears +9 or even +10 for the real bonuses. It's just absurd the amount of effort it goes into obtaining some gears, which makes Blacksmith Blessings a NECESSITY. Imagine having to get your entire Expedition Set I through +4 until +7 without breaking and having all your resources lost. It's just madness.

I understand that the previous beta quests were way too easy... but killing 10 VESPERS for 5 HD Oridecons is just not even worth it. However, that's not the main point again, we do need the blessings to be added back again.

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Worry not! It shall come back.

The problem was we didn't had enough time to implement "Blacksmith Blessing" feature.

It required src mods of somewhat medium sized patch and enough testings, since it involves "refining".


But this is in todo list 😄 Worry not! 

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