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[Tool] Experience Counter

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I've written this script to track and process EXP calculations on Ragna0. Right now, it'll show the following data:

  • Numerical current EXP and required EXP
  • Cumulative EXP made in that session
  • EXP/h
  • EXP to next level (TNL)
  • Estimated time to level (ETA)
    PS: You can reset the session via its tray icon.

This tool works on the network layer, grabbing packets from your network device in a specific port and interpreting them, which means it'll not distinguish the application that will receive those packets, so dual client users may find trouble if both characters are receiving EXP. Also for this reason, Gepard Shield won't detect it, so it's 100% safe.

Have in mind that this was supposed to be for personal use, so it's not much polished and user-friendly; Some people could have issues running it - feel free to use this thread to troubleshoot.
All you have to do is install winpcap (linked below as 'Required files'), extract the executable anywhere and run it as administrator.

And for those who are skeptical, want to know how it was made or just want to make their own changes, here's the sauce. The required library is included as comment in the first lines:
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More to it then that @Milk There seems to be a problem with the script not recognizing the port. One of the R0Buddies guildies spent several hours diving into the code to get it to work properly and make a working .exe that would actually connect.

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