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Found 13 results

  1. Official Patch log for Lif 3.0.0 starts here ================================== Official Content: Lighthalzen - Zero Edition ( https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Lighthalzen ) Monsters included on this patch are all implemented. Cards dropped by monsters inserted on OCA per last week. Maps implemented: Lighthalzen, fields around the town, lhz_dun01 to 03. Max Base Level cap increased from 120 to 130. Zero Exp table from 70 to 130 are implemented. Lighthalzen Essence enchants implemented. Conquero
  2. Official Patch log for Lif 2.5.0 starts here ================================== Official Content: Work for Lighthalzen still on going. General: Item fixes/additions Taichi Bells Broken Taichi Bells Celestial Stone added to buying store list. Venom Katar [1] Evil Spirit Wing Ears combo fixed. Blacksmith Blessing added to item pool in zelstar random machine. Increased zelstar cost (varying) of everything on Zelstar Shop. Taken out Mythril Ore Jello Fragment Box on zelstar shop. Added 27494 as prize to t
  3. Official Patch log for Lif 2.4.0 starts here ================================== Official Content: Work for Lighthalzen under way. Added official Einbroch daily quests. (wiki to follow) Gonryun https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Gonryun Added Regional Weapons, Unique Headgears, etc, from KRO:Zero Gonryun update. Added Gonryun maps. (Town, dungeon) Added Monsters with their skills. Added cards back to OCA. Daily quests implemented. Why is it added before LHZ? Simple enough: update was for mid level players, a
  4. Official Patch log for Lif 2.3.0 starts here ================================== Official Content: Preliminary work for Lighthalzen under way. Niflheim Zero Quests added. General: Item fixes/additions Fixed level requirement for Booster Headgears. Fixed Newbie Infinite Flywing usage. Minor fixes to Soul of Excalibur options. Added Shimmering Crystal as drop from Zealotous to mirror official. Removed Booster Accessories as part of the combo effect of Booster Gears as they shouldn't be in there. (mah bad, forg
  5. Official Patch log for Lif 2.2.0 starts here ================================== Official Content: None General: Item fixes/additions Updated Old Blue Box and Old Purple Box, re-implemented some items, and taken out some items that shouldn't be in there. Added Special Cooking Kit to NPC Ferichef. Fixed Indigo Sword sprite to the correct one. Changed DWM Orange Syrup to DWM Yellow Syrup due to color blindness. Fixed Magic Nagan [1] critical attacks on its double attack effect not proc'ing. (RTS report)
  6. Official Patch log for Lif 2.1.0 starts here ================================== Official Content: Pets Added official pets: Phreeoni and Moonlight. (kROZ) Added many normal no evolution pets such as "Lunatic", "Drops", check wiki later for updates. (kROZ) New Weapons Magic Edge, Magic Nagan, Holy Excalibur can now be obtained in-game. More info check One-Hand sword wiki later. General: Item fixes/additions Earth Dragon Stone Spirit Stone can now be sold to NPC for 2.5k zeny to NPCs. Luxurious P
  7. Official Content: Einbroch, the city of steel (https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Einbroch_Einbech) Fully implemented Einbroch fields, city itself, and dungeon. Re-implemented Einbroch monster spawns throughout with their item drop (New MVP RSX and a lot of normal monsters). Added weapons and 2 accessories with their Zero effects. Added 6 Zero Einbroch quests. Additional official newbie quests inserted from newbie chains of quests - will now not end on Payon zombies Involves a newbie instance. General: Item fixes/
  8. Official Patch log for Lif 1.4.0 starting here v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Official Content: None (work started for our next major patch, Einbroch content) General: Currencies Added point display function on @hi, will display how much "Cash Tokens", "Cash Points" and "Bounty Points" you have More power to @ii / @whodrops Can now return max of 25 results instead of the usual 5 Item fixes Shadow resistance effects surround these items are fix
  9. Official Patch log for Lif 1.3.0 starting here v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Official Content: • Quests - added last remaining quests to Hugel - minor fixes to Geffen Bridge quest, Yuno dailies, and added Daily Quest icons - added some minor official NPCs to Hugel (Tourists) to mirror official - adjusted official headgear quest requiring 1000 kobold to 100 stone shooter - entrance quest on Abyss Lake implemented - museum staff quest on Yuno fixed General: • Eden
  10. Official Patch log for Lif 1.2.0 starting here v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Official Content: • Quests - minor backend fixes and enchancements on newly added quests from 1.1.0 - added two new Hugel quest, one for Abyss Lake, and one called "Twinkle Twinkle" - fixed deleter mob on Hunt Deleters quest on Yuno - minor fix on Yuno Museum staff dialogue - enhanced Yuno Quest "Librarian and Guardian", will now provide extra wands, wands are now also untradeable - adjustments on "Daily Q
  11. Official Patch log for Lif 1.1.0 starting here v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Official Content: • Malangdo - some dungeon mobs turned into aggressive officially - daily quests with 24H cool down will now refresh at 00:01 server time (from a fixed counter) - quest rewards further increased to x3 - further enhancement on scripts • Yuno - fixed a critical bug on Emilia NPCs quest - disabled a buggy "cat" npc on yuno_fild03 - further enhancement on scripts
  12. HEADLINES with no explanation needed: Note: Yeah, we know we said June, but this is the best date we can launch (June 30 is an awkward day) since this is the next weekend and will give us the best leeway for our launch. 😉 Official Patch log for Lif 0.5.2 starting here v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Official Content: • Implemented Hugel and fields (with their mobs and portals) around it. (https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Hugel) - added official Main / 3 Daily Quests (official is only 10 tokens per daily quest, this was boosted to x3 on our s
  13. HEADLINES: STILL NO ETA ON LAUNCH. (still JUNE 2020, this means any day of June 2020 ) Official Patch log for Lif 0.5.0 starting here v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Official Content: • Implemented Zero Transcendent Job classes. - increased level cap to 120 - increased max stats to 120 - increased job level 70 - implemented Zero exp table • Implemented Zero Kagerou and Oboro Job classes. - added job change quest (see https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Kagerou_Oboro for details) - added huuma jo
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