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Found 3 results

  1. Official Patch log for Lif 3.1.1 starts here ================================== Official Content: Geffen missing Zero quests added. Check wiki for details. Lutie missing Zero quests added. Check wiki for details. Lighthalzen is now complete. Nursing Allen official quest added. Mission Rekenber official quest added. Cursed Spirit official quest added. General: Server Community Guidelines Update RMT (Real Money Trade) will be allowed in Ragna0 as of 2020.11.01. This means
  2. Grand Opening Fanart Event! To celebrate the discovery of the transcendental powers, we have prepared a "Grand Opening Fanart Event"! Please read these easy steps and get ready to make your submissions in order to get prizes ▶ How to participate: 1. Draw/create your fanart of Valkyries/Odin ragnarok related (Include your signature in a visible place) 2. Size should not be higher than 1024x768 3. Upload your fanart in this post as a reply. 4. Tell
  3. Comodo Opening Party Hello r0nians! It's finally here, and to kick off the grand opening, there are a few guys offering a celebration party in Comodo, they are the COP committee, Comodo Opening Party!!! Each hour logged in on a level 40 or higher character, makes you eligible to claim 20 Comodo Shovel on Comodo, to start your hunt for the Corn0tus that crashed the party! Help thin their numbers, and the committee will surely reward you for your efforts in making the party a safe place! How to participate: Head to Comodo after you reach level 40 a
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