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    Idea description:

    I've talked with all the active players I could find looking for suggestions to send you.
    We really like the server and the friends we've made thru it, but it got to a point where we are not feeling stimulated at all to keep on playing here.
    So we decided to make a few suggestions trying to help the server up and we hope you take a look at it and maybe use some of our suggestions.

    1st. Instances like Poring hard and oGH should have individuals chests like the other ones.

    These instances are too important for the player's progress but we end up making these instances in a small number of players (2~3) otherwise it'd take too long to complete the items that we can craft and update by the drops we get by doing them. Making chests a thing in these instances would allow us to be willing to go for full parties, helping new players and keeping more people interested in the server. It'd also benefit a lot server's economy, people would be crafting and selling more items. Also, revise the amount of coagulated spells and temporal crystals on oGH instance when working on the chests, 1 per run is kind of insane when you need 160 to upgrade the boots to the max stats.

    2nd. Booster set should be permanent.

    Booster set came to the server in the wrong time, we got booster set in a moment when it became the best set on the server. It was too easy to get and upgrade.
    Now it's not the best set anymore after LHZ and oGHs release, which means booster set could be permanent on ragna0. New players could have a place to start. I'm sure this would make the server more appealing to new players and also would allow them to start participating on harder content earlier on.
    3rd. MVP ranking should be more attractive and other MVPs should be included.

    MVPs like Zealotus and Bloody Knight should be actual MVPs, we should be able to keep a track on them and they also should give mvp points (1).
    Bio 3 MVP should be included on the list giving 5 points, but the information regarding which one is alive should be a mistery, maybe just as "Biolab3 MVP" or something like that.
    MVP ranking awards should be more attractive and there should be a difference according to hierarchy, top 3 mvp killers should have better prizes than the rest, for example. The prize should also be updated, maybe an exclusive costume to the top 1, or a different box with more prizes.

    4th. DWM needs to be updated urgently.

    A lot of new content has been brought to the server, but DWM is still the same. New daily quests could be placed on DWM with the new content, like dailies on Amatsu to get a number of Spirit Stones, on Gonryun to get Celestial Stones or Louyang for Earth Dragon Stones, for example.
    Dailes on LHZ to get a number of Warrior's Lock Box, also new instances like Odin and oGH could be placed on DWM with different prizes. 
    New items can be added to Bounty Trader as it was made to help the player's progress, for example Ghost Chill and Coagulated Spell.
    Also, it's a lot easier to get BSB now, so it doens't really make sense how expensive it is to get it from DWM store, maybe an update on the necessary points to get it might be necessary.
    5th. Daily quests giving Battle Manuals again and rise up a bit the amount of Cash Drinks.

    It was really unfair to new players lowing the amount of Battle Manuals and Cash Drinks on daily quests, people that have played since day one like got like 500+ of each drink stored and tons of Battle Manuals for a life time of usage.
    So if u allowed us to get THAT much of cash drinks and Battle Manuals why was it removed? It affects a lot new players and should be revised.

    6th. non PvP GD should have both mobs not only one.

    Guild Dungeons are the best places to level up, I'm sure you have to deal on a daily basis with people complaining about players going inside GDs to wipe their parties.
    So, why not put both mobs (not saying the same amount as the pvp one) on the non PvP GD so people could actually level up there faster since its 3 times more expensive to get inside the non PvP GD? The players want to reach a certain level as fast as they can to start participating on the game content.
    Why is it good?
    Because the server need some changes for new players and some QoL changes
    How urgent is this rate 1-10:
    Will it affect our economy?
    Will it affect any of our core systems?
    You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: 

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