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  • QOL Fix for inventory

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    Can we get a QoL fix for inventory management?

    We can only carry 100 total items, that includes our gear and costumes so now were only able to carry like 85-88 items.

    Then theres the stuff we cant drop or even deposit like status tickets and eden badge etc etc etc.
    Im down to like 60-70 slots just from gear and stuff i cant deposit

    Then i mvp alot so i have to carry mutiple gear sets, potions, consumables
    Im down to like 40 items i can pick up and thats when i have a clean inventory
    I spend half my time playing inventory manager instead of ragnarok.


    This is a picture of my inventory with a CLEAN inventory with only the stuff I use for MVPing, nothing extra in ETC tab or USE. Im at 58/100 slots and I haven't picked up a single item yet.


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    We can increase the limit when we upgrade our client version in the near future, from 100 to 200.

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    What a Qol would be? I just keep thinking "quality of life". Tho I must say my iventory is always full specially when I'm farming on a map distant from the kafras like ama_dun or lou_dun.

    Increasing the inventory max item capacity would be awesome too!

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    This can be made possible with client update and our rAthena version.

    Stay tuned.

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    Please fix this Hades. I just lost multiple MVP drops due to having 100/100 this is getting stupid. I'm at 66/100 now with a clean inventory.

    Response from the author:

    I have to empty my inventory every 2-3 MVPs because of this crap.

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