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  • Lot of Changes for the best of the server

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      • Idea description:
        • Me and some other people was making this list of suggestions seeking for an upgrade on our gameplay and QoL in game.
          1- Add Einbroch / Lighthalzen / Hugel / etc to the schrodinger
          2- Update DWM, adding the new mobs and rewards, also update in the Bounty Points rewards, some ideas: lower some prices, add ghost chill, add world mobility ticket, etc.
          3- Upgrade the MVP ranking system, adding new rewards for those in rank, not the same costume box.
          4- Keep the booster set, this especificaly to help new players, because, when it got inserted in game, the mess was already made, now the new players will never be able to get those gears, and this can be frustrating, because it is the BiS (best in slot) for some classes, e.g. rings for Sniper
          5- Upgrade to the Costume exchange NPC, (the one that transform any hat in costume), because it dont make any sense that the hat keep the class requeriment when it transform to a costume.
          6- Add the secondary skill bar, it was already put on kRO, i'm not sure if it is already planned to be added here, but anyway, its a reminder.
          7- Upgrade to WoE rewards, probably something that a lot of people already talked about, but the WoE / MVP is the end game of the game, and people need incentives to play this content, the WoE is dead in the server, and that may revitalize it.
          8- Increase the experience of the quests around the game, this may help the people who are starting now and can't find a party do levelup and for those who like to play solo
      • Why is it good?
        • Because these are things that will make everyone in the game have a better experience.
      • How urgent is this rate 1-10:
        • 10
      • Will it affect our economy?
        • Yes
      • Will it affect any of our core systems?
        • Yes
      • You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: 
        • Of course, that's what i want, the best for the server in whole!
      • Other inputs:
        • Please Hades
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    ~New Era~

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    We need better WoE, BG, PvP Arena Rewards as a Whole, a change for the better to the MvP Reward/Ranking stystem ASAP!!!! For me this is one the most urgent things since the beginning, since now the dust has settled, we need this RIGHT NOW!! 
    Awesome suggestion!!!
    Btw, don't forget to review my suggestion about 3rd and 4th class Cosmetic sprite skins!!!!

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