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  • [Event] Pvp Tournaments

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    So as everyone know some people on this server are eager for pvp action and blodshed but the actual pvp scenario in pvp rooms is not really rewarding or consistant since people will are not always in the mood for pvp at the same time. Also many solo players are not really interested in WoE.
    Keeping stuff like Battlegrounds and PvP rooms busy so people can train for the weekly big event.

    • dea description:
      • Fixed pvp tournament with some extra rules and modes, rotating every week or month, always having the next event already announced so players have some time to prepare.

        here are some ideas:
        - Max lvl 99 no trans (maybe also limit to non over-refined gear or non craftable gear, having to use only dropable items. Limited gear allows everyone to get a chance on the fight for top spot)
        - Anything goes
        - 5v5 Max lvl 99
        - 5v5 Anything Goes
        - Specific class tournament (show the server that you are the strongest of your class)
        - Battle royale ( the last one standing wins)
        - First Job Battle royale

        Suggested Rewards:
        - Exclusive Costume Boxes
        - Big number of event coins
        - Pet coins
        - Pvp point to exange for some exclusive costumes
        - Maybe ONE(ONLY ONE) HD ore or OCA for the week or monthly champion
    • Why is it good?
      • A way to keep pvp rooms/BG busy with players testing their builds for the big weekly event
      • Solo players who want pvp would have a chance to show their builds/skills
      • Would not limit pvp to group based activities for those who want to just kill some players
      • More content
      • A healthy and salty pvp scenario not limited to woe
    • How urgent is this rate 1-10:
      • 10, we really need more staff hosted events
    • Will it affect our economy?
      • Not really, the rewards should be something good to people consider to participate but not soo good that they need to participate.
    • Will it affect any of our core systems?
      • Yes, mostly pvp activities.
    • You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: 
      • Yes i do :3, even may attract some pvp oriented players


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    Yeah, pvp needs an incentive, maybe even  once a week or month qualifiers/ a budokai 1v1 or 5v5, 2v2 dont cate but, at some point there is enough farming and not enough action in my opinion. The price, the critical explosion aura from the Monk, (costume, not effect obviously, tho i would not mind the effect XP)

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    Perfect, we need more PVP content and Bgs are desert now 😕

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