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  • DWM Board Quest Modifications

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    Hello everyone, i do not know exaclty how to express myself in english, but i'll try my best to make my points clear as a cloud in a perfect blue sky.

    As the title suggests, i'm here to talk about Daily/Weekly/Monthly  Bounty Board.

       At the point i remember, when Ragna0 Team implemented DWM Bounty Board my thought was: "now i can farm things more easily with this, get some Oridecon and maybe BsB".
    Yes, at beginning DWM Quests were really good, people  80- or with a not so good class to farm Oridecon and Elunium can have a good way to do so.
    But over time passes by, i notice something bad on my gameplay basis. I stopped to farm  things and most important Oridecon and Elunium and just focused purely on DWM Quests.
    So, i stopped to farm Oridecon, Elunium and started to only do easy DWM Quests that maybe can take half of the time and give me alot more ores.
    Doing this for a week or more i notice that i was not selling ores anymore, prices goes down and down and i was a bit sad, because my storage have 100+ ores
    even when i was trying to refine items to +9.


    In counterpart...


       I was having fun while doing GlastHeim Dailys and  getting  Oridecons and Eluniums   by just killing monsters while level up my character.
    But after i decided to focus on DWM Quests "because it gives more in a easy way" the game started to feel  bored to me. Of course i have done others things meanwhile,
    but  setting DWM Quests as primary source of "farm" was really bad to me.
    So i decided to combine DWM Quests with some real farm places, so i pick up bathory daily,weekly quests with the farm of the bathory boss.
    This type of combination worked really well, but i was with a flea behind my head. what is that flea?


       I found a convinience pattern inside DWM Quests that is bothering me. I can now do DWM Quests with my normal farm getting ores and bathory boss material in a relative good amount of time.
       Convinience, i  can accept a Stalactite Golem Daily Quest that gives me Elunium and for some reason, that same mob drops Elunium and Rough Elunium and i can even get Weekly Quest to kill
    more Stalactite Golem and get DWM Points.
    I know that Ragna0 Team wanna make the server have a great friendly experience, but this just make things sounds REALLY FRIENDLY/EASY and fast to get.

    To me, with those DWM Quests, the team removed some sense of farm and Grind native of the Ragnarok Online. To me ragnarok is not about "or the player focus"  should not be on Daily Quest things, but on Farm/Grind things, things that require time to be done or a bit more of effort.


       After sometime doing DWM Quests and getting Points i decided to see what i wanna to buy from the Point Shop, but for me 99% of the items are bad, the only one i want to buy is Joker's Wildcard.

    Lets be franckly here, to put an item to +9 is not that hard, i do not see a reason to me "at least me" to buy Blacksmith's Blessing from Point Shop. Enriched Oridecon and Elunium are good items, but i do not have any will to buy them. I do DWM Quests more because of the quests rewards  than shop itself.

    And that is bad, because i'm getting those rewards easy while it removes the farm/grind part of the game and i do not want to buy anything from Point Shop, "helping" me to focus on this Quest/Daily thing even more.


    Another thing about DWM Quests that is bothering me is:   absense of a clear difficulty related to quests. For now, i just pick up what i want based on monsters name and what they give. But i do not found a difficulty pattern to monsters list or to what Rewards they give based on it.

    The points i judge be a problem are:

    • DWM Quests "at least to me" make things too easy and less Grind/Farm.
    • You do not really have will to buy something on  Point's Shop besides Joker's Wildcard. "maybe some people want to buy Blacksmith's Blessing"
    • Convenience make people confortable, confort make people lazy and bored,  and people bored quit... "i do not know if this is only to me"
    • I do not see a clear  difficult difference between  some DWM quests and how it rewards you.

    These are the problems i see on DWM Board Quest right now.

    But i'm not here just to criticize, i wanna try to put my hands on it to improve how it works. "or at least try what i think can improve it"



    •    My intention is to keep the DWM Quests friendly, but not too much and more like a Grind/Farm thing with Points.
      First i ask the team to remove the Items Reward from all Quests and give them a Point Reward.
      Every Daily,Weekly and Monthly Quests individualy will have a "Difficulty Tag" which determine the amount of  Points that person can get.
      For example: a Daily Easy Quest can give you 1 Point to spend on Point's Shop, a Daily Normal Quest can give you 3 Points to spend on Point's Shop and a Daily Hard Quest can give you 5 Points to spend on Point's Shop; A Weekly Easy Quest can give you 5 Points to spend on Point's Shop, a Weekly Normal Quest can give you 10 Points to spend on Point's Shop and a Weekly Hard Quest can give you 15 Points to spend on Point's Shop; A Monthly Easy Quest can give you 25 Points to spend on Point's Shop, a Monthly Normal Quest can give you 50 Points to spend on Point's Shop and a Monthly Hard Quest can give you 100 Points to spend on Point's Shop.
         The Difficult of the Quest depends on  Monster's Level of that Quest is working on.
      Monsters between 1 and 60 would be considered of  Easy Tag.
      Monsters between 61 and 90 would be considered of Normal Tag.
      Monsters between 91 and 120 would be considered of Hard Tag.
      Example: A Daily Easy Quest should go on Monsters around Level 1 and 60. A Weekly Normal Quest on Monsters around Level 61 and 90 and a Monthly Hard Quest should go on Monsters around Level 91 and 120. With that, the Player can choose based on his character  a place to go, what him will get if picked an Easy Quest or a Hard Quest. No matter if a Quest is Daily, Weekly or Monthly, they will follow the Difficulty Level Tag Rule. Note: all points atm are just especulative numbers, but for a basis, easy gives low pontuation, normal gives moderate, hard gives alot. I will make sure that a Monthly Easy Quest gives equal value or more Points than a 7x done Daily Easy Quest, to compensate  Monthly lack of times a Quest can be done. 
    •    For Instance Mode, the Difficulty will be the Instance itself.
      A Daily Instance Easy Quest should go on all Instances that the player can do Easy Mode. If you pick a Culvert Easy, you need to complete Culvert Easy.
      If a player pick Daily Instance Hard  Izlude, that person should do  Izlude on Hard Mode to complete.
      But the Ragna0 Team need to make sure that Instances have all difficulties: Daily Easy, Normal, Hard; Weekly Easy, Normal, Hard; Monthly Easy, Normal, Hard.
      We want the Player to have choices of which one him wanna to farm and what suits it's  play style. "if that Player do not like Instances, him can at least do others things and get Points"
      If a player just do not want to do Instances but wanna to get Points, him  can do Hunting Mode  or  do Easy or Normal Instance and get some Points to buy something.
      but all  DWM Quests will give Points, some less, some more.
    •    While doing DWM Quests i notice something: the system do not have a  Collect Item Mechanism. While people farm, they Collect alot of Items.  So, why not make a Daily,Weekly,Monthly Quest of this type? Collective Mode
      With that in mind, the Collective category would be included as option to the player " Hunting/Instance/Collect" Basically it will just make people Collect some Items and give to the Board for Points.
      The Difficulty rule of Collecting Items will be based on Monster's Level. "equal to Hunting mode" But with a difference, on  Hard Difficulty all DWM  Quest will be from a Boss Monster.
      Ragna0 Team can make  the number os Items and which Items at random. Or define Items quantity, but which Items to Collect by random.
      Or just define it by hand. But on Hard Collective Mode, player needs to get more items. but that value should be less than the Hunting value for a Boss Kill.
      for example: Monthly  Hunting Hard Quest to Kill Bacsojin ask you to Kill 10x.
      Monthly Collecting Hard Quest that needs you to Collect Bacsojin especific item should be around 5. "That is because the player is sacrifying his drops for Points" with translate as losing Zeny.
      But for Hard matters, it will be worth, because the focus is to compensate for that effort. "Points values, quantity of drops to Collect and which Boss to kill not determined yet"
    • About the items of Point's Shop, i'm not sure what to put on it while trying to choose items that Players do not have a way in game to  get them. But some that  have a way to get them are good to be placed there too. For now my Item selection is: Joker's WildcardBlacksmith's Blessing, Convex Mirror, Mount Item 7D, Battle Manual 50%, World Mobility Ticket, Infinite Flywing 7D, Oridecon, Elunium, Syrups, maybe some Consumable/ Food Item. i was thinking about a basic PVP Set to it, but i do not know, What do you guys think?  I'm  thinking  about Forgotten Gift Box and items too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Basically this box  needs to be removed because it's doing the same thing as DWM problem is doing: making things Easier, not Grind/Farm and promoting lazy gameplay and giving alot of items.
      I'm included on player that get benefits of it, i have  pickup it sometimes, looking all maps that spawn it just when it  have the chance to spawn. And it is a Easy  way to get Oridecon, Elunium and Yggdrasil Berry. "i do not know why it drops Zelstar if Champion Monsters have a good drop rate of Zelstar's Bag"
      My plan is to use this box Loot and create a new Loot box to put on Point's Shop. List of Items that will drop from it are: Gift Box(white one) 1x, Oridecon 1x, Elunium 1x, Yggdrasil Berry 1x, Costume Exchange Ticket I 1x, Costume Exchange Ticket II 1x and Costume Exchange Ticket III 1x. "each use gives one  item"
    • Convinience is not that bad for sure, but when you have layers above layers of it is bad "Stalactite Golem Quests for example"
      My idea to this problem is to make some DWM Quests work with World Daily Quests, like a DWM Raydric  Quest with  GlastHeim Daily. So defining two different systems with the same mob to kill is ok. But to me when you have a unique system with multiple quests of the same monster is bad. "another example of convenience: quest gives you  Elunium as Reward, you need to kill a Monster that drops Elunium and Rough Elunium and Weekly Quest is on that same Monster too"
      I even  have thinked about to remove this type of Convenience completely, but i guess people gonna cry. So i do not decided yet "thas why i kept the idea of DWM Raydric Quests with GlastHeim Daily for example".



    I do not know if only me thinks that way about DWM Board Quests, but i'm trying make game experience better in a long run term.

    If you have any thought, feel free to comment and give some idea on this matter.

    If you wanna to talk directly to me, contact me on discord: Northrium#8982

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    the thing is, compared to daily quest, daily board is unrewarding. some syrups are cool, but the main reason of board is the store and daily missions gives no points.

    what do yoou preffer, kill 250 nightmare terror and get some white syrups or kill 30 raydrics and get 1 battle manua, 5 cash consumables and good exp?

    in terms of time, tooks me arround 1hr complete magma dailys (from board). i can complete all GH dailys in the same amount of time and is a lot more rewarding.

    i think weekly and monthly are not that bad, but daily missions from dwm board is not woth it.

    daily board can be improved, and the store too. right now BSB is the only desireable item.

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