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    • Idea description:

    Improving battlegrounds by making some changes to increase it's attractiveness to players.

    The current version of Flavius, for example, is in 6v6 format. So, if a 13th player tries to join the match, he won't be allowed and will be send to another queue instead.

    The first sugestion consists in making the BG expansive. For those unaware, expansive BG allows people to join the match after it has begun. I honestly don't know how hard is to make this change, but I think it makes a great difference in the matches, since more people = more competitiveness = more fun. And the more people enter, more likely they are to invite their friends to join the battle.

    The second sugestion is to make all broken gear to be repaired when you respawn after you die. Don't know if this was intented or not, but if you are not using a indestructible weapon/armor or using FCP (which is rare, since creators are not that common and it costs resources anyway). Just played a match a few minutes ago, and at the end almost everyone was hitting with bare hands, since there was a WS in each side and nobody that FCP. So almost all weapons were broken and we couldn't equip then even after we died.

    The third and last sugestion is to not allow dual accounts to join the battlegrounds. I've just seen lots of AFK characters just farming the tokens while they played in their main accounts. If you got lucky and had your main and dual accounts on the winning team, it is already 600 tokens in a single match. 

    • Why is it good: 

    It is probably gonna increase the amount of players in the battlegrounds, bringing more potential players to the server. Also, it will increase the amount of agit coins in the server, allowing more people to get their WoE sets, thus making people more likely to join WoE, since they will have better equips available.

    • How urgent is this (1-10)?

    I would put it on a 7.

    • Will it affect our economy?

    I believe so. Most likely gonna heat the WoE market.

    • Will it affect any of our core systems?

    I'm not sure about the first suggestion. But the second and third ones definitely won't.

    • Is the idea for the better of the server in whole?

    Sure. Just want to the server get bigger and have more players playing a better ragnarok.

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    Loved the suggestion, tho everything you suggest should have been obvious.

    To be honest without double login (i didn't do it tho, just have my Whitesmith) we would not have a single BG. So if double log isnt allowed we should reduce the number to 3v3 and make the badge reward increase with the number of players that compete in the said BG (for example Flavius if is 3v3 100, 4v4 150, 5v5 200, etc) to prevent hard abuse from this.


    And yeah, i broke the weapon of people in the first 30 seconds and they were basically out of the game for the rest of the BG

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