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  • Battlegrounds Rewards Rebalance

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    • Idea description:
      • Battlegrounds is probably the best custom feature on the server. But, is the most abandoned at the same time.
        And why is that? well, because rewards are wrong.
        Battlegrounds should be a place where you can practice your PvP, have fun and prepare for WoE at the same time.
        Right now, the PvP experience in the server is poor, almost nonexistent.
        And why rewards are wrong? because right now, is expensive, very expensive for some classes play a single BG match.
        Sinx need EDP, Creator need acids/bombs, Whitesmiths need zeny and the current rewards are poor. Spend even 1 million zeny
        on BG is not worth.

        This are the current rewards:


        Potion boxes are stupidly bad, weight a lot and gives 5-10 potions (large).
        You probably need around 100 potions per BG, more or a little less depends on your class.
        You need this even if you lose besides your class consumables (acids and stff) and cash consumables.

        So, the proposal is to change the price of the rewards and add new rewards.
        Potions have to be sustainable in if you want BG works. PvP content is the real endgame, not a random instance or MvP.

      • Make potions boxes bigger with a fixed amount. Example 100 potions, same price and BG EXCLUSIVE.
      • Add class consumables like EDP, Bombs, Bags of zeny BG EXCLUSIVE.
      • Add more cosmetic rewards, current ones are ok and have to be that expensive.
      • Add WoE potion boxes and WoE Gear, or make agit coin pouch cheaper.
      • Add a crazy expensive and desirable reward, that's on you.
      • Add BG ranking of course, and maybe a monthly reward? 
      • Add "@joinbg" command (i think this were added, but is not working right now).
      • repercussions: Agit coin and pvp market can be a little afected by this changes.
        guild dungeons not, why? because a solo farmer can make much more agit coins that a BG player in the same
        amount of time but, a party farming coins is a lot less effective and thats when BG shines.
        And guild dungeons still one of the best leveling spots.

    • Why is it good?
      • BG bring life to the server. Is super satisfactory when you join a server and BG have an active amount of players.
      • PvP is the ultimate content and true endgame. Is the only meaningful thing you can do after fully equipping you character.
      • This changes will make BG much more active or at least playable, the rest depends on the community.
      • Some of this changes will make WoE preparations/farming more fun or interactive.
    • How urgent is this rate 1-10:
      • 10
    • Will it affect our economy?
      • Yes, agit coins and pvp gear prices can be affected by this changes. 
    • Will it affect any of our core systems?
      • No, maybe the ranking, not sure. 
        Every other change are practically numerical changes.
    • You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: 
      • YES!
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    Yes please, an active BG with better rewards can also helps improving our WoE.

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    agree i want to do some pvp stuffs every time since most of players already reached end game stuffs

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    Yes, BG with real good rewards is so necessary to keep server alive and it's very funny

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