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  • Balance BG/Agit Coins

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    • Idea description:
      • Remove the drop of Agit Coins of GLD's. Make it exclusive to obtain PvP equipment from Grinding BG's, (removing dual account prizes)
    • Why is it good?
      • The current PvP scenario of the server is basically non-existent, and GLD PvP is a joke, to be sincere. Rathar than force PvP players to do PvE content, make then do the PvP instead. This would heat up the server PvP, and make it more fun for PvP players.
    • How urgent is this rate 1-10:
      • 10
    • Will it affect our economy?
      • Yes, will probaly increase the price of agit coins. (not a bad thing)
    • Will it affect any of our core systems?
      • Nope
    • You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: 
      • It is a urgent change to make the pvp happen.
    • Other inputs:
      • This would also benefit PvE players, to level up in the GLD's.

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    i'm mostly a pve player. But this seems like a good change for the PvP people.

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    I do not think that putting the equipment in a BG will harm new players or guilds, since losing in BG is not a problem and still earns points.
    I agree with any way to value PvP on this server, which seems to be left out, especially the BG which are super fun.

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    I dont know if this way is the better, but its clear that BG need to be improve. The server doesnt have a good pvp content, just WoE 2/1 time per week... Pvp is the end game of the game, it need to be good... But if we remove the agit coins from GD would just harm the new guilds who want start the server.

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    The suggestion is still pending.


    Suggestion accepted and is or will be applied to upcoming Patch.


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