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  • 3 Major Suggestions that might improve the server.

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    Hi to all and everyone, the past few days me and Lunacy have been talking to some friends that are not only at the end game of ragna0 but also starting now and some that are in the middle term, and discussing on ragna0's server discord about what may and could be some good changes around 3 topics that I find to be major right now. MVP drops, bounty board and ogh instance. Hold your self for bad englando

    Suggestion to MVP BOSSES

    The way MVP drops and rewards are now, there are just no reason nor motivation to kill them. What mau improve?
        - Drop of Bag of Zelstar, if a champion monster lv 80+ has 15% chance of dropping it, BOSSes should also drop, not garantee as it was
    before the nerf, but at 30% chance?
        - MVP RANKING PRIZES, may need more things then just some VISUALS, maybe could give itens just like blacksmith and alchemist rewards give.
        - CUSTOM IDEAS: some bosses has the chance of dropping specific item with 3 or 4 options (Octopus Axe from Giant Octopus MVP) this could be a very good add to MVPs, their itens could drop with 3 or 4 options, that would make their itens for sure more vailable and ppl would hunt them for those itens with perfect roles, not just their weapons all his equipment drops, since itens from champion monsters give at max 2 options (not talking about fever monsters, only champion monsters) OBS: Special attention to Ice Pick, it already can drop with 2 to 3 options, and getting a 4th options could be too much for this weapon, to not be umbalanced.

    Suggestion DWM Bounty Board

    DWM needs to be updated urgently.

    A lot of new content has been brought to the server, but DWM is still the same, I mean u need to kill 1000x high orc, sleeper, joker to get 50 bounty points each, in a week, and then u trade for 3 enriched elu? or enri ori?, those should be dailys or 12 hours of CD cuz u can trade 5 elu and 250k for an enriched ori/elu, and everyone can farm that in than 1 hour. New daily quests could be placed on DWM with the new content, like dailies on Amatsu to get a number of Spirit Stones, on Gonryun to get Celestial Stones on Ayothaya for Soul Stone or Louyang for Earth Dragon Stones, for example.
    Dailies on LHZ to get a number of Warrior's Lock Box, also new instances like Odin and oGH could be placed on DWM (Thick Battle Manual as prizes, for ex). 
    New items can be added to Bounty Trader as it was made to help the player's progress, for example give Coagulated Spell for killing X numbers of Amadarais in the month. And maybe with the add of OGH drops to DWM could lower the prizes from the suggestions about ogh.
    The dailies quests may or could be a 12hours CD, the weekly mar or could be dailies, and the months may or could be weeklye and add new challenging quests, like killing 100 phreeoni gives u freeoni's pet.
    Or change the necessary points to get what the bounty trade gives since it's a lot easier to get BSB now, so it doens't really make sense how expensive it is to get it. What could be good, and interesting, and challenging, I am not quite sure what could be, and that is why discussing it would be great, with everyone, Minato, Daegaladh, Stroheim and mainly you, Lai.

    Suggestion OGH Instance - OGH RIGHT NOW IS JUST EQUAL TO KRO0.

    1- The addition of Prize Chests at the end of the instance, just like every other instance has and it is a great PLUS and why ragna0 is better than kro0.

    2- Why should we have chests?
        - Cuz the way it is now, u can only do it DUO or TRIO to be easier the instance (can do solo, but would take 40min even being FULL GEARED) It takes 300 Coag Spells to have full armor and boots upgrated (reminding that even with the full upgrated boots or amor, does not mean u have the right enchantment so you have to get all 300 coags AGAIN), trying to get those solo, duo or trio u need to do 30, 60, 100 RUNS respectively. Basically, ogh today is just equal to the kro0, and the filosophy in ragna0 it is to be a better version and being 5x5x3x the chests in the instances are an great and very helpfull way to feel the progress playing the game, and I believe in this idea just like minato brought to the server. Not only that, u can have more ppl playing with u, so they can also do the instance in case if they only play supportive roles, HP, Pala to tank. Since the update that add OGH I have only managed to do 1 perfect boots, I am doing around 3 to 4 runs during the week, not playing on weekends.

    3- How it would work, and what could have in theses chests.
        - Just like every other instance, chests should be per IP, so duals could not get it. (obvious)
        - We can have chest for every unique IP, so in a party of 12 ppl doing it, they would get 12 chests 
        - We can have 1 chest for every 3 members in a party, so if the party has 12 ppl, they would get 4 chests
            why? To not be that "easy" just like the progession when u start doing Odin instance goes faster.

        - 1 to 3 coags, per chest
        - 1 to 3 crystals, per chest
        - 20% chance to get armor OR boots 
        - 1 to 2 mythril
        - 1 to 3 oridecon
        - 1 to 3 elunium
        - 1 to 2 enriched elu
        - 1 to 2 enriched ori

        - 1 to 2 coags, per chest
        - 1 to 2 crystals, per chest
        - 20% chance to get armor OR boots 
        - 1 mythril
        - 1 to 2 oridecon
        - 1 to 2 elunium
        - 1 to 2 enriched elu
        - 1 to 2 enriched ori

    3.c-    With this add even if a member of the party get only the chets rewards, thinking that he gets max loots 3 from chest + 1 from quest it     would take at least more 70 runs to make full set of enchantments in boots and armor.

    3.d-    Chests must be an addition, and not substitute drops already existing.



    • Will it affect our economy?
      • Yes! It will bring more equipments to ragna0 and every phase through out the game, from the beginner to expert.
    • Will it affect any of our core systems?
      • Yes! Why does an item from fever monsters must be better than mvp ones? maybe we can use both? mix, bring new builds and ideas
    • You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: 
      • Obvious
    • Other inputs:
      • Every suggestion here it is not a must for the server, but something to think.
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       5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

    Some changes they've done should be reverted cuz impacted negatively the server, so I agree with everything. Ragna0's mid~lategame is just too sad and we keep losing people everyday.

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    Cachecol Escritor

       4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

    this will be very helpfull for this server







    Cegolas can use your brain too...impressive

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    If these changes will encourage more people to play and will benefit all of us, then I think its a pretty decent suggestions. As long as its for the sake of old/new players and our server I'm all good with it. Whatever meta it is happens, will conquer it 

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       1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member


    the server needs these changes immediately

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    Great ideas to improve the server. 
    Congrats to both of you. 😉

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