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    • Idea description:
      • The idea is to have better spots to level not only in party but also become viable soloing. Today I noticed that we are losing some several players and I some of them personally came to our friends telling that they are quitting just because there's no way to level up a char in this method as is right now.
      • Today we MANDATORY need to have 2 wizzards, 2 priests, 1 devo, 1 dancer and 1 bard. Some parties, (mostly after 105+) take more than 30 minutes TO FIND and most of the time ppl just give up because don't want to wait for a spot.
      • You know when a Sage/Professor can get a pt? just with a guild helping.
      • Also there are just 4 maps (IN PT) that we can level up after 84, Amatsu 3, GDs Prontera, Payon, Aldebaran. And this 3 last usually never stay for a long time.
      • After 105+ Just ADB give a reasonable XP and still tho parties are getting wiped constantly due to that be the only place to level up.
    • Why is it good?
      • Because that will allow players to level up without the necessity to have a fixed PT or even the SAME MAPS. Or even need a pt to up. Me and some comrades personally like to level in solo or duo, cause is easier to arrange someone.
      • To be clear. I'm not asking to be better than a 12/12 PT. Just to be VIABLE!
    • How urgent is this rate 1-10:
      • 1, players are massive quitting for this reason
    • Will it affect our economy?
      • Of course, once we have more high level chars we will have more items, more zeny,... etc
    • Will it affect any of our core systems?
      • Honestly I don't know
    • You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: 
      • YEAH SURE. I'm thinking not only for guilds but also for solo players!!! Please listen me!! :(
    • Other inputs:
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    Guest Strabico

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    i agree with that idea, but you dont say what to do,so i think a good idea is to make daily quests with a exp based on % and not a fixed number,with that you can do that daily quest and get a good amount of exp daily and the other time left you can farm equips, i think this gonna help all and dont broken anything,with that how can play on a few hour a day can get level and equip i think. =]  

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    Hello Lokko, I'm personally looking into that "issue" you mentioned, I've implemented experience rewards to eden turn in quests, as an "immediate answer", they have 1 hour cooldown...


    As for your other points...

    Have you tried going into abyss 3? You'd be surprised with the amount of experience you can get in there, you just can't go there using newbie red potions and an NPC bought +0weapon...


    Have you tried exploring other maps and make an "all killer group" where loot is individual and each one flywings and kills by themselves...


    I've done multiple testings, in very different leveling ways in multiple level ranges, I've rebirthed a character on amatsu, 2 on gd's by grouping up with the "normal" mobbing mindset, I've leveled a blacksmith on a killer group in magdun2, leveled a monk on bathory map, ofc we don't want to "discourage" anyone, but we are still a low rates server, and there are plenty of options out there, we just can't really change the community bias towards mobbing parties(i personally hate that)...


    I'd be happy to listen to any reasonable suggestions about this, but as your post is right now, you tell us "some guys are mass quitting" and offering no solution whatsoever, it's just doomsaying, not much i can do with that...


    Later this week I'll be revamping experience on other eden quests aswell...


    Like i said earlier we're always open to criticism, but your post lacks a lot in terms of "what can we do to address that issue". And lots of "i think this, that guy told me that".


    I hope you understand, I'll leave this open right here so you can reply and discuss about this if you have anything to add

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    Guest Skogul

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    Juperos and Abyss Lake is not viable for leveling, I do abyss every day, I know what am I talking about!
    Leveling in GD's has become torture for new players and smaller guilds. Most of the time larger guilds kill all of the gd's, damaging the whole new player base.
    There is no way for GD to be the only place to level up at a party!

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    this is not a suggestion, you're not proposing anything clear. It's just a complaint.

    now think about your complaint for a minute, have you checked the new eden board quests? that's an amazing way to get exp, and if you can't find a place to solo/duo, I'm afraid to tell you, you must be very undergeared. The thing with parties in those dungueons you mentioned is that they leave new players with a high level, but very undergeared, so get farming, get your items, and go solo.

    btw, have you tried juperos?abyss lake?glast heim?. just because there are some popular lvling spots, doesn't mean that there is nothing else. and btw leveling solo to 120 is perfectly viable.



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    Of course you will get crappy exp at base lvl 118, the higher lvl of a quest is 100.

    You only think it's difficult because you haven't tried any other spots. There's a bunch of good spots to level and you just need to find it. I can say you haven't tried at all if you think Aldebaran GLD is the only map that gives good exp

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    The leveling system on this server right now is really bad,
    Unless you've geared up only for this (dragon resistance) you cant do Abyss, and the experience there is even lower than the weak mobs from Ald or Pay guild dungeons.

    I made a  test on the eden board today:
    I'm at base level 118. It gave me 1,2% (4123854 base exp) in one delivery, thats really bad for a quest that you delivery one time per hour. It'll take me only 83 hours to get a level, instead of 40minutes on Guild Dungeons, are you kidding with me?

    What makes me sadder about the server, is that the only type of map that allows an active PvP have fly wings active, what leaves a completely abusive gameplay, for a person to wipe an entire group its just needed to be teleporting endlessly.

    Yes, there are maps that are possible to level up, but none are good as the Guild Dungeons or give half the experience that is received on there. You are directing players from the server to a place where leveling up is not at all challenging and fun, if it was a true PvP map, people would need to organize groups to survive or wipe other parties, and not just teleport until they have a chance to finish with the other group.

    Lizander, did you really level up to 120 on your own? How many hours did that take? Not everyone has all the time in the world like you, players who have been killing MVP since the 80's on the begging of the server are not  120 yet (Greggernaut as example). Possibly it really is, but it's quite different from viable and fun, you do think it is reasonable to take 20 times longer to level up alone? Do you think everyone enjoys the game in the same way? And why should they be punished so severely and take 20, 30 times more than those who play in groups? Stop thinking only about yourself.

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    It's already VIABLE to level solo.

    The thing is the players(mainly brazilians, because of a bad habit developed on our Official Servers) are used to rush to the level cap in a week or less (Renewal mechanics), that and the lack of knowledge about the R0 Mechanics makes people think that the server is friendly to party players and not to solo players.

    Let's face the truth, MMORPGs weren't meant to be played that way, it's not about leveling as fast as possible and then restarting again with a new character in a vicious circle. It is about the road until there, to enjoy the journey, to learn and try new paths, but all i see is people trying the easier way to play and just follow the "mechanic" path to do things.

    I agree with the fact that we lack an easy source of information telling where to level, but as Holly said the Eden Quests are being improved and implemented(soon enough we will have more quests available). If you put a little effort, it isn't impossible to learn about the possible paths if you do some research as the server already give us access to a database and a wiki for it.

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    Well I agree but disagree at the same time. As for soloing, it is considerably harder for classes like sage or any class lacking decent aoe skills. I can't deny that.

    But the other side of the coin is the rushing aspect of leveling. Let's remember that this is a low rates server, where you really shouldn't be aiming for 120 that quickly if playing solo. 0 mechanics offers the player the possibility to have playable content at every level (quests, dailies, leveling spots), so people complaining about not being able to rush 120 transclass in a week should really slow down and do things at their pace. You see, GDs are THAT (for money aka agit coins and exp) good BECAUSE they're pk enabled, so it shouldn't be the main place for leveling. It's a guild's competition map outside woe. So people who aren't playing guilds shouldn't even consider leveling there the main route. (and I still think it would be smarter for guild leaders to let people farm agit coins there for them and buy it afterwards for lower prices lol but I guess people sell it cheap already).

    About partying formations, the mainstream one established for the server works well indeed, but it isn't the very best for every map. People turn down pretty nice leveling/loot spots because "it's not good exp as alde gd", and then get pkd there and quit. As Holly said, there are plenty of other formations and leveling spots available atm where you can do good but obviously not as good as gd. I myself playing LK find very difficult to party up duoing with a priest for example at mag3 or juperos1, which gives both of us slightly less exp compared to gds but incredible loot. And it's a very classic formation if you ask any oldschool player. And I leveled my LK like 95% solo untill now (110) and stopped leveling my hp (101) because I just don't want to deal with PK and literally no one at 100+ goes anywhere besides gd.

    So yeah, I think that the server's setup may not be the best, but people need to pace down a bit. Going transclass 120 on a 5x server isn't something you supposed to do in a week, really, specially if you're starting from scratch. In my opinion loot/exp should be parallel curves unless you make an effort to leave the pattern. People did that on first week because they knew the pk would start as guilds developed and started gaining ground.

    Some other day I logged early in the morning and noticed plenty of 8x~9x 2-2/1 people looking for parties and then upset because wiped. I then gathered them all on a party and set them up at magma2 and helped them outside of the party and they leveled pretty decently AND with great loot (5 min later i left the server dcd lol)

    Today I spent about 30 minutes looking for 100+ people to do Magma3 and just a few showed up (and some of them after noticing that the exp is not as good as alde gd left without even saying bye =(). We did an hour there, I leveld from 109 to 110 and everyone left there with at least 3 essences and plenty of VCT/def/good lava gear. So yea, we didn't rushed 5 levels in a hour, but we progressed considerably our characters as whole.

    Some other thing I noticed about gds: prontera's and geffen's. I leveled my priest at prt gd from 95 to 99 pretty quickly. It wasn't people's first choice, but when the others were full people went there. And yes, even with teleporting creamies and slow as f tribolites, we did level pretty fast and everyone left there with creamy cards and agit coins. When I saw someone selling creamy cards for 4m today, I asked on discord why is that the card's price so high if it drops like hell at gds, someone replied "because prts's exp sux". So yeah, quits are happening because the server somehow makes people too anxious to progress at a low rate pace or something like that.

    Geffen, the other example. Nobody goes there because it's hard to lure mobs at the standard formation. But before agit coins revamp (payon received loot boxes and stuff), it was the most decent place for smaller groups to kill-while-walking. Lots of agit coins, fabric,  obb dropping every time and aspersio made everyone powerful as f there (not even talking about ME/TU priests and holy damage pallies [and dude, people complained about pally. Like "omg my class isn't the most powerfull brick cannon at the game, i'll delete it and quit /sob]).

    Imo people are too worried about meta gaming -  which is a pre-re thing - on a revamped mechanic that tries to exactly take that aspect of RO out. Like, where exactly are people rushing to? Lol. And of course it is difficult to level your 110 character without absolutely NO gear on any other high level map that isn't gds. Because high level maps require gear, ffs. 

    Ask around and see, for example, how many people at lvl ~40 go at Dark Willow's map to gear themselves before doing orcsdun and then Hodes. No one even tries to go there. Even at orcsdun, people used to make the party at level 1 and then proceed to zenorc. Not even that anymore.

    So I don't know, I am not saying that people are wrong for rushing and neither the server is wrong for not providing leveling stuff (even considering duck, comodo hats and 150%/HE manuals). I just think people come to play here without really understanding what the mechanics are about and the server is probably failing at explaining that to pre-re players (the majority of the server, myself included).

    Even tho the server went through a beta phase, it will always be in testing mode, guys. Just see how Hades do stuff. It'll never be perfect and the fun of it, at least for me, is to go along with the testing. Doing new stuff, testing revamped skills on maps I've never went and things like that. Idk, every one plays the server at their own will and pace, but I really advise people to stop looking for pre-re/re aspects of the game on 0 because they will be disappointed (just see people rushing pk maps, getting pk and quitting lol). This isn't a 120/70 server with a few wings and costum npcs, it's literally a new game using RO's structure. Kinda like Dota/TD and Warcraft or Half Life/CS relation I guess. Same core, different game.

    So some things to consider (aka current problems):

    - lots of new players are looking at 120 highly equiped guild players and thinking "how am I supposed to do that if I get pked every time?" (don't go there? commit to a guild? lol)

    - new players that can't gather themselves and figure out alternative leveling methods (class required quests maybe be an option? like, gather one sage, one rogue and one bard, kill idk how many mobs and gain extra exp)

    - the exp gap between every other map and gds is too high. (nerf gd could be easier than buff every other map? idk, just throwing ideas)

    - new players are coming with pre-re concept of RO on their minds and especially brazilian barely-speaking english players may be struggling to understand the server's flow (and yes, since we are the majority and yet the most struggling players due to language barrier we should get attention, get out of here with your reverse racism bullsht mr. you know who you are)

    Btw, really enjoying the server. People are nice and friendly, and all the pk and flamming at discord is just part of the game, nothing personal lol.



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