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  • HD ore success chances are incorrect?


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    This video shows the success chance of HD Elunium 7->10

    The HDs ore in the video from kRO:Z are using the 특수(Special) success rate:

    Currently the success chances here are using 일반(Normal)
    Which seems to be wrong.

    You can also find various guides online that state HD ore uses the special success rates. Including this refine calculator made for kRO:Z:


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    Thanks for pointing this out.

    But we will stick with our version.

    The NPC was added and many players have used it as well, do not want to change the value of their efforts.

    Also it's not a super big difference, of what we have.

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    I'm deeply against this change. I understand that some players may be penalized by that but, in reality, we're going in an even worst direction.

    The refining mechanics are crucial in here and if end-game gears are put in question, such as the best Expedition gears and acessories, we're going to have an ABSURD increase on ore usage, and consequently, zeny.

    To be more specific on this thread: the particular chance of an armor going from +7 to +9 on normal ores is represented by: 20% * 20% = 4%

    The chance of an armor going from +7 to +9 on Enriched ores (and the original kRO:zero HD ores) is represented by: 40% * 40% = 16%

    As you can see, we're multiplying the efforts needed to get an +9 item by 4 TIMES, which is insanity if we are talking about already expensive and unnacessible stuff, let's remember that the flat cost of these stones are 1,75 million zenies.

    I strongly advise you to reconsider this change.

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    @ne0n, this is not a "suggestion" this is a Bug Report Fix.

    The HD Ores as per description from day 1 always stated it to start from +7 to +9 items.

    The matter of fact is the ones who have been benefiting from this issue should be happy 🙂

    Cons and Pros of everything little thing.


    This bug will be fixed in the up coming patch. 

    Thanks for the report.

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