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  • Culvert Clearing (Easy Mode)


    After seeing ne0n post on the discord a screenshot of the Ancient Golden Bug receiving abnormal damage, I decided to test it myself. What I found out is, after you kill all 3 eggs at any point (before damaging or in the middle of the fight) the Ancient Golden Bug starts to receive massive damage (probably due to his mdef/def changing to negative values?). Another thing I noticed as well is, if you let the Ancient Golden Bug absorb his eggs BEFORE receiving any damage, his status rises and starts dealing more damage (one egg absorbed quadrupled his damage).
    I forgot to take SS on the quadrupled damage, and the source is the image from ne0n's perspective.

    Please check both behaviors on hard mode as well, as i'm not able to test it myself.

    TLDR: Easy Mode Ancient Golden Bug's spawned eggs are changing his stats, increasing exponentially if absorbed at full health, massively decreasing if all 3 eggs are killed at any point.


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    Did some testing, need to clarify that even if 1 egg survives with 1 health it will increase its stats, after absorbing 1 egg twice or thrice (remaining egg hp 25-50%) it was almost impossible to hit (~420 hit)

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    Did some further testing on the bugs.

    this is his stats before all 3 eggs are killed:


    This is after killing the eggs


    I tried replicating the damage increase bug but it didn't work out well (maybe because I dealt damage BEFORE he consumes his eggs), hopefully ne0n will have success on his attempt.

    This was his original damage


    This was when he recovered while injured (464 was magnum break, ignore it)


    And this was at full health (943 is mammonite don't mind it)




    EDIT: The video LPO posted about kRO Zero's Ancient Golden Bug shows up that it's supposed to update the mvp's stats every time he "absorbs" the eggs, which it doesn't result in the eggs being killed as well, they stay there alive.


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    forgot to mention how AGB on LPO's video works
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    Last testing, this time on the "status rise" bug

    This time I let the AGB absorb his eggs 3 times before I interact with him at all, and the results are a massive increase in his damage (gears are the same as the last post)


    And it continues to rise even further if you let him absorb before interacting with him (this was made with another instance test to see if the damage increases even more)


    After this I tried out more stuff to see if anything breaks any further

    Tried using Sense on him at that state, could only see noticeable increase on hp and def/mdef (I wish it showed up his atk)


    Killed 2 eggs and let the last one survive so he could consume to see if his stats reduces but nothing changed. This means that his damage is now PERMANENT.


    Lastly tried out combining both bugs


    Despite showing more negative values on DEF/MDEF, the damage stayed the same


    His damage stayed the same however, he was having a hard time hitting my 198 flee wizard and i was able to hit him physically 100% of the time (hit/flee also were drastically reduced)

    The 1 damage from him were due to his reflect shield.


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