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  • High Wizzard griefing in Ein_dun03!!

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    I've been on the map since 8 am

    They arrived on the map and are holding the entire map to take to PT.

    2 months ago I sent a message to hades and it was never suggested to use the forum the only thing said by hades was "turn on NO KS" everyone we talked about KS was "turn on no ks".
    You have to decide whether to ban by KS or not by ban, but it has to be fair, who's holding the entire map happens what?unknown.png

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    I'll be handling this appeal, even though it came in the wrong section...
    1st of all, Hades said to report that to me, by that time we still handled some/most of our reports through discord, in addition to the forums, Hades isn't the one handling reports, I am, that report never got to me, hence why, not a single action could be taken...
    2nd when someone mobs, its on their own risk to get something to happen with their mobs on the way, we do not handle "ks reports" as stated on our wiki rules...


    The thing is, as the video proof shows, you went into their group to cast exactly where they were located, by that time their group is engaged in combat, thus the mobs are theirs, as for you, instead of going your own way, you kept following their mobbers and stealing their mobs, in a clear disruptive way, in addition to the video footage, we also could follow and see it with our own eyes ingame...


    For that reason, the punishment isnt going to be lifted, i hope you understand and think twice before engaging in such behavior again...

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    There's only one problem with this video: I was already killing mob on the pt side, they passed and loaded it to the pt, so much so that they don't damage the mob because I'm with @noks.

    You can see in the video itself that they do not damage 3/5 mobs, because they carried it into the pt when I walked, I was giving TP and killing
    If i was with @noks and they were with @noks, how would I give ks or griefing on pt? '-'

    (joined the two messages)

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    Anyway, leave it alone I also have another account to play ok.
    But that is not fair, because ks is allowed on the server.

    And in this thought, killing people in GD would also be griefing, since you have to damage the area to kill PT.

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