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  • Appeal regarding unjustified ban for skill abuse

    I'm writing this appeal in the name of a friend and guildmate that was in party led by me, therefore I also feel responsible for his actions since we were working as a group. Didnt see anywhere specifying that this section is exclusive to the player that got banned so here I am.

    First of all, just by looking at the screenshots you can NOT tell he was the one that was actually casting Land Protector on the ground. So when the ban was decided you couldn't tell for sure and was just assuming, and by that I can already tell that it was unjustified. Later I provided videoproof that it was in fact him that casted the spell and also and most importantly, the reasons why he/we did it and that was clear that it was to protect everyone in it and not harass or harm anyone. Land Protector was used in that case to protect us from grand cross skill used by Holy Skogul, and if the CM thinks it was to harass anyone please PLEASE show it where and how in the video. Show me the part where we said "hey let's bring theses mobs to wipe their party" because I'm 100% sure that did NOT happen, what happened was that our friends was bringing the mobs for US TO KILL and they were just in the wrong place wrong time.

    I did make fun of them afterwards because they were being silly and making a scandal. Is that against the rules? If so ban me, not a Scholar that was trying to help out everyone. That has nothing to do with either Kincaid or Fona dos Magos actions. If you really watched everything, you must know we were NOT intentionally mobbing to kill them in any way and that's all that matters honestly.

    I'm taking the time to concern and write because I also take this matter very seriously and I can not stand by while someone gets punished

    unjustly, specially in a group that I was leading, cause if I see any of my guys doing something against the rules I'll advise them otherwise for sure.


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    I have already given a veredict about this case, but since you came all the way here to write about it, I'll deal with it a second time...

    That report came on my PM's, and like any other that is coming, I asked the person to make it on our forums, and there were more screenshots than those contained in the post...

    With that being said, when you first made the appeal, you brought up 3 clips of the stream, taking the care of "cropping" exactly the part where said person asked if it was a friend of tou guys there was doing that, and all you guys did was make fun of it, and keep bringing more monsters...

    After that, you can see multiple ppl dying, and a land protector drops...

    Then the argument used was "he was protecting them from grand cross" funny you say that, when the monster in question only does grand cross on chase, and not when being tanked. By doing so you remove the safety walls present protecting the others from your mobbing...

    As you can see in multiple job quests present in the game, "mobbing" luring mob on top of others isn't recommended, if you wished/considered killing the MVP, you should not drag monsters on top of others in front of a place where basically everyone waits around for their groups to arrive/get ready for the instance, but instead move as a group to a place where you could do so freely without disrupting others gameplay.

    "Making fun of others" is not the problem here, it's doing wrong stuff, make fun of it, and act like it wasn't wrong, because it was.

    For that reason, my decision stands, and the punishment will be kept...

    I hope you understand, and in the future I'd like you to remind what happened here, before doing this kind of stuff again.


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    I cropped the parts that my friends was telling us why he was bringing the mobs, cuz that's all that matters. The PMs received in game were not for me, not my live stream, and so again so what we were laughing at them? Should I stop bringing mobs to my party anywhere else just because someone told me to? No way, either they move or they die, I wasn't trying to kill them, but they were standing in the way. What can I do? Ask them to move, which I did if you really saw everything.

    LP also removes safety walls from the other mobs that cast on themselves making it easier for me, an assassin, to kill them, as we were actively doing so. Why would I even care to kill them there? It just doesn't make any sense.

    "Oh you should move somewhere else to level so you don't bother others..." for real??? That's not a rule, that's just an opinion. Everyone has the right to kill monsters wherever they please as long it's not harassment and constantly following the other person. I've seen a lot of people running from minibosses and passing through that area, that's normal.

    By what you're saying, I can choose to stand with my party in the middle of any map and if there's another party luring mobs (something that literally everyone does) and my party gets wiped cuz I refuse to move I can just get them banned the same? This doesn't feel right at all.

    You're talking about an old rule that literally no one respects, everyone mobs for their party to kill, is that what you're saying that's so wrong? If so that's ok I'll just report every mobbing party I see then.

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    You realize your own words?

    I'm not getting into an argument with you over this, i'm saying what your group did was wrong, that's the end of it, not only did you mob unto them, you also used ME into them because they ''refused to move'', the things your group says on the stream are just the ''icing on the cake'', and strongly discredit your whole "we're innocent".

    You choose to lure the mobs, you choose to cast the Magnetic Earth, now deal with the punishment.


    i ALWAYS say that whenever you are mobbing, you do it at your own risk of getting it taken away from you, the same rule applies running over with a mob over other ppls heads, all of you had a choice, and you choose the wrong path.

    I'm sorry but i will be keeping the punishment in place.

    So next time, think about the other players involved, talk it out instead of lying to them, would be a good start...


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