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  1. IGN: Sacrament Discord: Sorine#3653 Timezone: GMT +8 Position applying for: Helper Language spoken: Tagalog/ English Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): i can reply anytime as long as I'm awake (I sleep 3am +8 GMT)
  2. Im still not max job level. I will add it soon xD
  3. Heyya Guys I notice that there is still no guide for Scholar here so I'll post one. The guide that i'm making is Bolter Type. So here is Sorine’s Guide to Bolt Scholar ❤️ hope ya enjoy. Take Note: I’m still experimenting my bolter type so I may have changes in the future ❤️ P.S. My English is still bad feel free to correct some of it UwU Introduction Scholars are the Transcendence of Sage. They are Sexy, Charming and Alluring yet don’t be fooled by our looks, we can manipulate elements which can boost our Allies or to strike our Foes. The True M
  4. Sorine

    Vending History

    I suggest there is a history/ record of sold items that we can see in our website account. This would help us to monitor and saw what Items we are vending or already sold. Also it is important to have this so that we may not forgot what items we already sold.
  5. Sorine

    Self Introduction

    Character Name: Sorine, Soren Main Job: Priest, Bard AFK Town: Prontera, Geffen Guild: Candy Knights Year Born: 199* Personalities: Optimistic, Chaotic Good, Outgoing, Adventurous Animal that you Love: Cat 😻 Goal in Ragna0: To collect all costumes and AFK What were you doing 1 hour ago: Listening to Horror Podcast; Swamp Dweller, Lazy Masquerade, Darkness Prevails. Other stuff you may add yourself here: I love to read books and listen to horror podcast also I like to watch anime especially fantasy one.
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