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  1. Tartarinha

    Abandon Quest

    agreed, there is a quest on the game corner that asks you to kill 30 phens, if you lose any of the rng based games
  2. IGN: Tartarinha Discord: Becker#7501 Timezone: GMT-3 Position applying for: Tester Language spoken: Portuguese/English/Spanish Preferable time for a chat with me (in ET please): any
  3. absolutely, some older yet good suggestions still need to be seen
  4. delete your older emails, your inbox is full
  5. The Flag game npc at malangdo cassino is not giving crystals of the sea god as a reward (he is only giving 25 malangdo canned specialities) if you win the game as he is supposed to, also after wining the game once he doesnt let you play again after a day passes by server time. on the print, the cans he gave me and the cooldown message.
  6. Just like the storage box, so ppl who use guld storage dont need to leave the adventure inn to grab itens small QoL feature would save like 10s per guild sotrage use
  7. i've only seen foods droped by blazzer card or the ones awarded by eden quest being sold cooking loot is too hard to obtain for a buff that lasts only for 30min
  8. So as everyone know some people on this server are eager for pvp action and blodshed but the actual pvp scenario in pvp rooms is not really rewarding or consistant since people will are not always in the mood for pvp at the same time. Also many solo players are not really interested in WoE. Keeping stuff like Battlegrounds and PvP rooms busy so people can train for the weekly big event. dea description: Fixed pvp tournament with some extra rules and modes, rotating every week or month, always having the next event already announced so players have some time to prepare. he
  9. Idea description: Add those button options to the rodex, will make life way easier than deleting mail by mail, also having sure that the delete all only deletes mails which items have already been claimed Why is it good? QoL, saves time also spares new players from "i sent a rodex but got nothing" issue How urgent is this rate 1-10: 11 Will it affect our economy? nah Will it affect any of our core systems? nops You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: yes :3
  10. There is also the dinamic fields mechanic in kro:zero where like champion mobs/fever mvps, if you kill a set amount of monsters you can summon the maps miniboss, maybe would be nice for here.
  11. On wiki these are the requested items for crafting the hood: Tho ingame the item set is this one: wich one is the correct?
  12. So this happened today when @Hades fixed the achievement ranking, i got rank 5 reweards but not 4
  13. Idea description: Remove the level limit on poring Normal mode instance, so players have some instanced content to do on their own Why is it good? A solo content for players to farm their daily jellos if they dont have a group/ are looking to chill a little/ are short on time to play How urgent is this rate 1-10: Not urgent but a QoL update Will it affect our economy? May increase the avaliability of Jello fragments and stones Will it affect any of our core systems? Not Really You promise that t
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